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‘Geetika’ is the Big dream of a small town girl

Geetika Kohli, hails from Jammu, is an MBA graduate. She has worked in many institutions for years, but always wanted to pursue something in which she can have self-satisfaction and people can also benefit from it. For last Four years, she is running personality development startup Thinksta. She professionally trains people of every age group and giving them career exposure. Geetika has trained more than 10 thousand people till now. Most of them are earning well.

Geetika, who hails from Amla in Jammu, belongs to a typical middleclass family. she has been fond of writing poems since childhood and doing it since the age of five. During educational days she always performed better in the class. After completing his MBA in HR from Jammu University in the year 2011, she got a job in her hometown. After few years down the line, Geetika realized, she is not getting any where, so changed the plane and left the private job and started preparing for government job. However, here too, Geetika did not feel anything special. She was confused, Geetika then got back to her inner self, she started to write poems and Her first book was published in 2014. With this her dream started to have wings. In the same year, he got an HR job in a multinational company in Chennai with a great package.

For the first time in her life she had an opportunity to move out of her comfort zone at the age of 32. Geetika says that her father was not ready and she had few concerns in her  mind too, but the desire to do something took her to Chennai. Everything was good there, work load was a bit high, but she kept writing continuously. Climate of Chennai was making her life difficult but she always kept trying to do something better.

Meanwhile, in 2016, Geetika had an offer from a Delhi-based company. As Delhi was close to her hometown, she shifted to Delhi. But even Delhi can’t hold her. Within few months, she got bored. So Geetika quit her job in 2017 and returned to her hometown Jammu.

Career exposure is must with degree

After coming to Jammu, Geetika decided to start a personality development start-up. Her previous experience as an HR was very helpful. Nevertheless she did research and some courses to become a professional personality development trainer.

 After completing her course, she started to work from a small office. According to Geetika boys and girls from small towns have their degrees, but they lack on skills. So, they don’t have the kind of career exposure they deserve. Here she decided to train such youths from small town and give them employment. With this vision her start-up Thinksta came up.

How does Geetika work?

Geetika is training youth of different age groups through Thinksta. youth development, career development, internship, content writing as well as providing employment. Her start-up offers different courses with nominal fees. Geetika has tie-ups with many schools and colleges, where she conducts courses and workshops. Many of her trend children are earning well, Some have gone abroad for higher studies.

For Geetika it’s a mission. She believes personality development should be treated like the rest of the subjects and education system should focus on it. If you want to empower youth, train them professionally.

Corona has created a space for online training

Geetika always wanted to start an online course, so that youth from outside Jammu can also join her. But somehow it was not happening. During Corona she had to shift to online mode and it just happened.  During this period she trained more than 200 youth, many of them were outside Jammu.

Still her first love is writing
Geetika still keeps writing. Seven books have been published. Many books have been popular in India as well as in other countries.

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