G-Eazy Faces Demons In New Single ‘Breakdown’ With Demi Lovato

American rapper and songwriter G-Eazy on Friday released his newest single ‘Breakdown’, featuring Demi Lovato, as they face their demons in an accompanying impactful music video.

According to People magazine, the new track will be part of G-Eazy’s upcoming album ‘These Things Happen Too’ set for a September 24 release. Talking about the song, in an Instagram video, the rapper said, “This is one of my favourite songs off the album, it’s a real deep record about being human and what comes with it. We’ve all been through breakdowns.”

Directed by Daniel CZ, the song’s music video starts with a close-up split shot of Lovato and G-Eazy as headlines about current events pertaining to them flash by, hovering over their faces. Ranging from Lovato’s overdose to speculation about the rapper’s personal life, the words soon cover their faces.

The duo then goes on to sing the lyrics to their track in parallel rooms, watching the headlines from their harrowing past experiences play on a vintage television screen. “I got big plans, but none of them feel like mine. And I miss days where I used to feel like me,” Lovato sings in the opening verse.

“Been fighting my demons, but they ain’t fighting fair. But I keep saying that everything’s alright, I swear. All alone in a dark space, ain’t no light in there. What’s f—– up is I might actually like it there,” G-Eazy raps.

The visuals then shift to them being under a bridge while it’s pouring rain, as they sing about being “in the middle of a storm.”

“Oh, I’m in the middle of a breakdown, baby. I need you. I need you. Oh, I’m in the middle of a storm now, baby,” Lovato sings.

In totality, the song details being in the middle of a breakdown and the need for a friend to help them through harrowing times, as Lovato’s chorus conveys.

G-Eazy’s highly anticipated album, ‘These Things Happen Too’, is a sequel to his 2014 album ‘These Things Happen’. This is his first album release since 2017’s ‘The Beautiful and Damned’, inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel with the same title.

The new track dropped just a few days after G-Eazy was arrested because he and his crew allegedly got violent with another group of people outside the Boom Boom Room at the Standard Hotel in New York City, as per People magazine.

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