Former Afghanistan officials announce govt in exile, Saleh to lead

Kabul [Afghanistan]: Former officials of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan who left the war-torn nation after the takeover by the Taliban announced the continuation of the Afghan government in exile, headed by the former Vice-President Amrullah Saleh.
A statement released by the Afghan embassy in Swiss reads that, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is the only legitimate government of Afghanistan that is elected by the votes of people and no other government can replace a legitimate one, reported The Khaama Press News Agency. “After the escape of Ashraf Ghani and his rupture with the Afghan politics, his first vice-president (Amrullah Saleh) will be leading the country,” read the statement.
The statement reads that Afghanistan has been occupied by external factors and based on the historic responsibility of the Afghan government after consultations with the elders of the country; they decided to announce government in exile, reported The Khaama Press.
As per the statement, three powers of the government namely executive, judicial, and legislative will be activated soon.
It also announced its support to the Panjshir resistance front- the anti-Taliban front led by Ahmad Masoud- and has added that all the embassies and consulates of Afghanistan will be functional as normal.
The statement is written and released by leaders of the previous government, political leaders, and other politicians but the name of none of these has been disclosed, reported The Khaama Press.
This comes amid after the Taliban on Tuesday said that they will temporarily adopt the Constitution from the era of Muhammad Zahir Shah which was ratified 57 years ago.
The Taliban captured Kabul on August 15 after an aggressive and rapid advance against government forces amid the withdrawal of US and NATO troops from the country.

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