Filmmaker Prashant Raj To Team Up With Santhanam For New Film

Filmmaker Prashant Raj of Love Guru fame is all set to explore the Tamil film industry with Santhanam with an as-yet-untitled film from March.

“We’ve been busy working on the pre-production and other finer details of the film for three months. I had this romantic comedy that I felt was apt for Santhanam. He is excited about the story and we have since been working on it with a team to ensure it suits the Tamil audience,” shares Prashant, adding that this is a fresh subject and not a remake of his previous films in Kannada.

“I have always been pursuing openings for directing in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu while also making Kannada films. This film fell in place perfectly. We are now in the process of getting the rest of the cast and crew together. I want to take some Kannada talent with me for this film. We hope to commence shooting in March if the situation is favorable,” adds Prashant.

The filmmaker also hopes to release the film across all South Indian languages, though it is in Tamil as of now.

Meanwhile, he clarifies that the film announced with Ganesh has not been shelved. “We are just ensuring we get the perfect script before we lock that project,” he adds.

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