Few Oils That Can Be Your Savior During Holi

It’s that time of the year when colors take over everything – the air, your clothes, even your hair and skin and hence, skincare during Holi has to be paramount since the season is changing and our skin is in transition mode hence the care has to be little extra than usual. Beauty Guru, Dr. Blossom Kochhar, Chairperson Blossom Kochhar Group of Companies lists a few oils that can be your savior during Holi and are a must apply to have healthy skin after playing Holi.

1. Begin with the king of oils, Coconut oil. This has always been the go-to oil for everyday skin and hair care so how can we forget it during Holi. The best thing about coconut oil is that it’s not thick yet it creates a shield on the skin that doesn’t let the colors penetrate, all thanks to the oil’s big molecule.

2. The second oil which you can try is olive oil, the lightest oil which you apply on your skin, won’t make your face greasy and provide complete protection from sun.


3. You can also use almond oil on your skin, some feel that the oil has a very strong smell, so you can mix it with a few drops of Lavender or sandalwood oil. This doesn’t let the color stick onto the skin and can be easily removed.

Many people complain about skin irritation after playing Holi, that’s the time you should layer your skin with oils and moisturizers. First, apply a lighter oil, you don’t need a heavy oil because a heavy oil clears a protective layer but at this point, you want an oil that can seep into your skin and hydrate it. So, use lavender, neroli or sensitive skin oil on your face. Apply it thoroughly all over, don’t forget your neck and then apply a layer of moisturizer over it.

These oils will surely protect your skin from all the harsh colors and chemicals so that you can celebrate the festival of colors with all vigor and joy!

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