Eyeshadow Hacks You Need To Know

It goes without saying that creating an eye look is an art form – after all, there’s a reason the pros are called makeup artists.

Whether you’re opting for a smokey eye, a dash of smouldering bronze or keeping it fairly neutral, there are a few simple tricks of the trade that’ll help take your shadow skills from D- to A*.

Always Apply Primer

Eyeshadow primer keeps everything in place, but also prevents it from creasing or fading throughout the day.

Apply A Beige Base

Not only will applying a powder on top of the primer set it in place, but the beige hue will also make the colour of your eyeshadow pop that bit more. The neutral undertones help to reflect light back, so any shadow that’s applied after will be as true as the shade you see in the pan.

Know Your Brushes

The right tools make applying eyeshadow far easier, however a simple look can often use up to six brushes (hence why it’s sometimes far easier to book a makeup artist). The three most important brushes to have at hand are a large shadow brush for highlighting, a precision brush for applying pigment and a fluffy blending brush to help you buff for a flawless finish.

Prevent Pigment Fallout

The bane of our lives -you’ve applied your base to perfection, only to be left with sprinkles of pigment all down your cheeks after applying eyeshadow. The easiest way to solve this (bar applying your eyeshadow before your base)? Fold some tissue into a small rectangle and hold it under your eye while you apply shadow.

Always Highlight

Applying highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes will instantly make your eyes appear bigger, wider and more awake.


Applying liquid eyeliner along your upper lash line while leave the bottom lash line bare will open the eye up even more. Alternatively, if you already have big eyes, applying some kohl along your waterline will enhance the shadow look. You could even use a smudging brush to bring it along the lash line a bit too.

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