Extended Tummy Tuck: myths, procedure and benefits

Extended Tummy Tuck myths, procedure and benefits

An extended tummy tuck is also known as Abdominoplasty. Simply put, it is a surgical procedure that removes the fat layer or any excess skin accumulated around the abdomen.

Losing the belly or excess skin on the tummy can become a source of embarrassment for some individuals as we go through life experiences like pregnancy, obesity, and any trauma that results in weight gain. We tend to lose our basic body form.

However, everything is seen to be recovered by adopting minor daily changes. But one thing that acts stubborn is the fat around the stomach. In some cases, exercising and weightlifting help, but for some individuals, nothing works.

Some individuals with excess fat or skin around the abdomen find daily chores difficult. However, if you cannot get a hold of your increasing tummy, Abdominoplasty is one way to get a hold of it.

It reshapes your abdomen to your desired form and helps the stomach muscle contract it to its original place.

Suppose you’re one of those individuals whose expanding belly prevents you from doing things or otherwise interferes with your life.

The blog walks you through the actual process and the myths surrounding it. Also, it takes you through the usual risks related to the process and how one can prevent them from making the procedure successful for them.

The procedure of extended tummy tuck:

An extended tummy tuck involves surgery that removes extra skin and fat from the abdomen. An incision is made from your hip to your back, and any fat or visible excessive skin is removed.

This incision helps the stomach muscles to contract and reshapes it to a flat surface.

The procedure does not affect the result in weight loss but results in fat loss. In the case of an extended tummy tuck, the fat is removed from the stomach, and the area of love handles that ultimately shape the body.

What is the difference between standard and extended tummy tuck?

As the name suggests, an extended tummy tuck is just the comprehensive form of the same procedure.

The only thing that differentiates extended and standard tummy tuck is the procedure. The incision is made from the hip to the back in an extended tummy tuck.

On the other hand, the incision is made from hip to hip. Both are different and are recommended for different cases. Suppose an individual is seen to have more fat around the abdomen.

They are recommended standard tummy tucks. However, if an individual has excessive skin around the belly and waist, they are advised to extend the tummy tuck.

Who should get a tummy tuck?

It is a surgical procedure. Therefore, it is not recommended to everyone, but if someone has seen multiple weight loss and gain shifts in their life and is uncomfortable with excess skin around the tummy.

Abdominoplasty is an ideal procedure for you. Not only that it sculpts your body and make it look young, but also it tightens the muscles to their original position.

Myths Surrounding Tummy Tuck:

Most individual frightens of going under the tummy tuck procedure since they mistake it to be similar to C-section.

This is just a myth. Yes, the surgical procedure does look similar, but it is entirely different.

However, many myths surrounding Abdominoplasty prevail in society that scares the individual from undergoing the procedure. Most of the myths are baseless, and misinformation is widespread.

Many myths surround Abdominoplasty. Many myths surrounding Abdominoplasty are discussed below:

1. It causes weight loss:

Due to a lack of awareness, most people see this treatment as an alternative to weight loss. However, that’s not true.

The procedure only helps sculpt and shrink the stomach; it has nothing to do with weight loss. But as the fat is removed, individuals have seen to experience a minor decline in their weight.

2. Liposuction is an alternative:

Liposuction is best for people who have less fat around their abdomen. However, if you have excessive fat around the abdomen tummy tuck is the viable option for you.

Since it not only removes the fat but also sculpts the waist, making it look more flat.

3. Anyone can go under a tummy tuck procedure:

It is suggested that you must fully get yourself checked and consult your regular doctor before this procedure.

This process is only harmful if you have experienced multiple pregnancies or have been through incisions. In that case, the procedure may not provide the expected results.

4. The recovery period is life-long:

Not at all; it takes about two or less than two weeks for an individual to recover from a tummy tuck.

However, in any case, the recovery depends on how seriously you are taking care of yourself. It is highly suggested that you rest entirely for the incision to heal properly.


How long do you recover from Abdominoplasty?

Since it is a surgical procedure, the incision takes about a year or so to heal. Besides, it also depends upon how severe an individual takes the aftercare.

If they take it seriously, it will likely be fully healed in less than a year.

Is the tummy tuck procedure painful?

If the individual is frightened of needles for them, yes, it can be painful. However, anaesthesia is given to the individual while the procedure numbs the body and makes it easier for the patients.

In another case, if you are overweight post-surgery, you can feel pain, but painkillers can come in handy.

Is the tummy tuck procedure expensive?

No, it is not prohibitively expensive; it is comparable to any other surgical procedure, which can range between $6000 and $10,000 on average.

You can also check with your insurance company to see if it is covered; most of the time, it is.

Does an extended tummy tuck lifts the butt?

No, it does not. However, patients are likely to feel a lift in their lower body due to the removal of excess skin.

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