Evacuation begins in Prayagraj as water levels of Ganga, Yamuna cross danger mark

Prayagraj (Uttar Pradesh) [India]: As the water levels of the Ganga and Yamuna rivers crossed the danger mark in Prayagraj on Monday, the UP administration announced a high alert in the area and started evacuating families affected by floods.
Kareli and JK Nagar colonies of the western part of Prayagraj have been affected due to a rise in the water level. People living in these colonies have started leaving their houses as the water level crossed the danger mark. “Around 600 houses are affected and we have shifted ourselves from the first floor to the second floor due to water, said local resident Mushtaq.
Kesar Ali, a resident of the JK Nagar colony said that many people have left their homes and went away to other places, as the area is full of dirt and water and the electricity supply has also been disrupted.
” We request the government to make proper facility for disposing of the excess water and to provide food and other commodities to the people of these colonies as their houses got submerged in water”, said local resident MS Khan.
The water level in the river Ganga in the northeast area of Prayagraj is also increasing and both the rivers are flowing above the danger level mark.

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