EU calls on Syria to abolish death penalty

Brussels [Belgium]: The European Union on Saturday condemned the practice of death penalty in Syria and called on Damascus to abolish the punishment.
“The European Union condemns the recent execution of 24 people sentenced on charges of terrorism for starting wildfires in coastal regions of Syria in September and October 2020,” the statement read. The EU also expressed concern that minors received verdicts of 10 to 12 years imprisonment on the same charges.
The bloc stressed that it strongly opposes the death penalty at all times and in all circumstances as it is a “cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment” and pledged to continue the efforts to achieve its universal abolition. The EU further urged Syria to join the “worldwide trend to abolish the capital punishment.”
In fall 2020, Syria was hit by massive forest fires in the provinces of Latakia, Tartus, Homs and Hama. Those responsible were identified by the Syrian law enforcement agencies later in the year. The Syrian Interior Ministry reported that the number of fires at the time reached 187, they affected around 280 villages and settlements, three people died.

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