Emma Watson: ‘For This Lunar Moment – Inhale The New And Good’

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As the full cold moon of December graced the night sky this weekend, actor Emma Watson shared its importance in our lives.

“Tonight’s full moon, known as the “cold moon” comes with perfect timing… and this witch is excited. It invites us all to reflect rather than manifest, stay present rather than spring to action, and shed unnecessary habits rather than seek new hobbies. Also, it arrives right before the winter solstice which is all about introspection,” she wrote. Emma also expressed her excitement about the new year, urging people to “exhale all the bad sh*t.”

” So for this lunar moment – exhale all the bad sh*t and inhale the new and good that is to come! It’s almost a brand new year. By pursuing connection, the light and warmth will show itself in the dark and cold of winter. And who knows! Maybe tonight something magical awaits you,” she added.

Meanwhile, Emma is all set to appear in Harry Potter reunion special, which will have its premiere on the HBO Max streaming service on January 1, 2022.

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