Elizabeth Hurley Recalls Filming ‘Serving Sara’ With Matthew Perry: ‘It Was A Nightmare..’

Elizabeth Hurley recalls filming 'Serving Sara' with Matthew Perry

Washington [US]: British actor and model Elizabeth Hurley currently recalled filming ‘Serving Sara’ with Matthew Perry while the ‘Friends’ celebrity battled substance abuse and underwent rehab.

According to E! News, Perry had found out in his memoir ‘Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing’ that manufacturing on ‘Serving Sara’ had to be suspended as he was in rehab for drug and alcohol abuse. The outlet has pronounced that Hurley spoke approximately operating with Perry on the 2002 romantic comedy and instructed Yahoo! Entertainment, “To be sincere, it was a nightmare running with him at that time and, because it’s now regarded, our film turned into shut down because of his dependency. We had been in a pressure majeure and had to all sit at home twiddling our thumbs for some time.”

Though Perry wrote that each Hurley and director Reginald Hudlin had been “annoyed” through the situation, she stated, “That became a little tough, however, he came back and he was fabulous.”

While Perry tried to “make real amends” for his beyond behaviour by using re-recording lines he had formerly “slurred” and committing to making a good sized promotional effort for the film, it “tanked anyways,” he wrote in his book.

Despite Perry’s non-public struggles affecting the production of Serving Sara, Hurley cited that she has “very fond recollections of him,” as per E! News.

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