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Easy Recipe Of Making Cherry, Chocolate And Coconut Cake At Home

If you are in the mood for something sweet that can be prepared easily at home, we think you should try this cherry, chocolate, and coconut cake. You will love it.

Just for a moment think what divine taste would the concoction of cherry, chocolate and coconut make. Now imagine all of these great ingredients together in a cake. We are drooling just thinking about it while craving for it and we believe that you are also right there with us.

Seems like today is your lucky day as we are going to share the recipe for cherry, chocolate and coconut cake which is so simple that even kids can make it. And to be honest, can you think of a better way to end your weekend than to satiate your sweet tooth and enjoy this delicious homemade cake?

There is another thing – You can slightly tweak the ingredients and go for a vegan alternate as well, which is equally easy to bake. So let’s not waste any more time and start preparing the 3C cake aka Cherry, Chocolate and Coconut Cake


150 gm of any kind of milk

125 gm semi coarse flour

30 gm grated coconut

50 gm of sugar, any kind

30 gm cherries (you can also use frozen ones)

30 gm chopped up chocolate of your liking

30 gm of any oil (I prefer coconut oil)

20 gm of cornstarch

2 spoons of baking powder

Pinch of salt


Mix all the dry ingredients including the flour, grated coconut, sugar, cornstarch, baking powder, and salt in a bowl. Once that is done, slowly add the milk to this mixture and with a light hand mix them.

For the next step, add the oil to the mix and fold in all the contents. Once you get a batter, top it up with cherries, chopped up chocolate, coconut shavings, and just sprinkle a little more sugar on the top. If you want a higher cake, just double the amounts.

Now bake the cake at 200 degrees Celcius or 400 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 20 minutes or until the cake turns golden brown. For the final test, put a toothpick or knife in the middle of the cake and if it comes out clean, your cake is ready.

Let it cool down a little and come to room temperature, then you can enjoy your 3C cake.

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