Dwayne Johnson Pens Heartwarming Birthday Post For Steve Austin

WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin’s 57th birthday has ushered in a wave of nostalgia in Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock.

On Sunday, Dwayne took to Instagram and penned an emotional birthday wish for Stone Cold. Recalling his wrestling days with Stone Cold, Dwayne wrote, “Happy Birthday to my all-time greatest rivalry and friend from our wild and groundbreaking days in the business that’ll forever be in our blood — pro wrestling.”

He added, “It’s hard to explain how much HELL we raised together, in arenas and stadiums all around the world. We split each other open and bled a lot. It’s what we did. Blood Sweat Respect Rock Bottoms Stunners Beer More beer Fun More fun.”

It was eighteen years ago when Stone Cold made his final appearance as a wrestler at Wrestlemania XIX where he faced off against Dwayne.

“And as much fun as we had, the @wwe crowds ENJOYED IT EVEN MORE. Happy Birthday, my brother.

And thank you “for the house” all those years and for a partnership that led to the biggest box office draw in pro wrestling history,” Dwayne concluded.

Dwayne also posted a few videos of his WWE fights with Stone Cold.

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