Droupadi Murmu becomes 15th President of India, PM Modi Congratulates her

New Delhi [India]:  BJP-led NDA prospect Droupadi Murmu is readied to be elected as the 15th President of India, having already got 50 per cent of the complete value of legitimate ballots at the end of the 3rd round of counting.

Briefing the media, Rajya Sabha Secretary General PC Modi, that is returning officer for the election, claimed Droupadi Murmu has actually got 2161 votes whose selecting worth is 5,77,777.
The governmental competition is in between Murmu and resistance prospect Yashwant Sinha.

” Up to this round, the advancing total amount is – total valid votes is 3219 with an overall worth of 8,38,839 of which Droupadi Murmu gets 2161 ballots of the worth of 5,77,777. Yashwant Sinha get 1058 votes of the worth of 2,61,062,” Modi claimed.

He said the states covered in the 3rd round are Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Odisha as well as Punjab.

” In this round, complete legitimate votes 1,333. Total value of valid ballots is 1,65,664. Droupadi Murmu obtained 812 votes, Yashwant Sinha got 521 votes,” Modi claimed.

Odisha’s Rairangpur town, the indigenous place of NDA’s governmental candidate Droupadi Murmu erupted in events in anticipation of Droupadi Murmu’s triumph.

A big crowd collected outdoors BJP Head office in Delhi in celebration earlier this evening.

Murmu was also leading in the very first two rounds of the counting of votes.

According to the sources, 17 MPs have cross-voted in the Presidential elections, in favour of Droupadi Murmu.

The counting started at Parliament Residence at 11 am. The Governmental election was hung on July 18.

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