Donald Glover Confirms Barack Obama’s Daughter Malia In Writers’ Room Of New Show

Washington [US], March 26 (ANI): American actor and rapper Donald Glover has confirmed that ex-US President Barack Obama’s daughter, Malia Obama, will be part of the writers’ room for his new Amazon series.

According to Variety, the Emmy winner recently while speaking to a magazine said that Malia is “an amazingly talented person,” adding, “She’s really focused, and she’s working really hard.” “I feel like she’s just somebody who’s gonna have really good things coming soon. Her writing style is great,” Glover continued.

Donald’s brother, Stephen Glover, who’s a frequent collaborator and is also developing the Amazon series spoke about the young talent and said that she “definitely has a unique perspective on everything. So we wanted to hear her stories and have her work with us. Listening to her stories and having her involved really gave us a lot of good ideas.”

In February 2021, Donald had signed an eight-figure overall deal with Amazon Studio.

At the time, sources had revealed to Variety that Malia would be joining the writers’ room of a Glover project with playwright Janine Nabers, but it wasn’t until now that Obama’s involvement was confirmed.

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