Does Face Mists Boost Skin Hydration?

Face mists have captured a fair amount of market and let’s accept it, most of us carry a travel-sized bottle in our handbags, especially if you face the perils of staying in a hot and humid city. What feels better than a refreshing spritz on the face on a hot day on field, right?

However, beyond providing a cooling effect and lingering fragrance, are these an effective answer to boost skin hydration? Could there be a flip side to face mists? What’s the right order of including these in a skincare routine?

How Do Face Mists Work?
More than a refreshing pick-me-up, face mists are now designed to deliver active and potent ingredients to the skin while also working on skin hydration and nourishment. “Face mists are fluid skincare products that are packed with ingredients which give hydration to the skin. When applied, it can calm and soothe the skin,” says Dr Syed Nazim, Dermatologist, Aesthetic & Hair Transplant Surgeon, Royal Lush Skin Clinic in New Delhi. However, apart from hydration, they also provide additional benefits. “Additionally, mists are concentrated ingredients for targeted skin concerns and work to improve the skin with regular use. They also prepare the skin for serums and help absorb other skincare products better,” says Dr Taruna Yadav, an Ayurveda expert at Forest Essentials.

As we are looking for skin hydration, ingredients play an important role. Products with humectants are beneficial. “Ingredients you should look for in a mist include names like hyaluronic acid, glycerin tea tree oil, cica, vitamin C, niacinamide,” says Dr Nazim. With that, there’s a host of ingredients to be avoided; make sure to go through the ingredient label and steer clear of ingredients like alcohol and fragrances that might irritate the skin especially if you have sensitive skin type. Experts also believe that because of the potent ingredients available in concentrated form in new face mists formulas, these can be a handy alternative to a serum, which usually is a following step in a skincare routine, for those who are wary of layering products on the skin.

How Effective Are They?
While we crush hard on their advantages, do they deserve that much importance? The answer is that face mists are lightweight skincare products that steer the hydration level in the right direction. They might not be a soul pillar to build skin’s lost hydration levels, but can be a catalyst in achieving the desired results. “Mists give instant hydration to the skin and it may even help with oil control, pore reduction, and skin brightening,” says Dr Nazim. But, more importantly, are face mists an absolute necessity in a daily skincare regime? The answer is no! “They aren’t required, but can be beneficial,” adds Dr Nazim. She further explains that mists provide a consistent coating of the product to the skin, aren’t needed to be massaged or rubbed, and can double up for a toner or serum if used in the right way.

So, what’s the right way of using a face mist? Or rather, is there a flip side to its usage? Obviously you cannot go overboard with the product. “If you feed the skin with something that doesn’t suit it, it will show adverse effects,” says Dr Nazim. “You won’t get any moisturising effects if you just spray the dry skin with water. In fact, repeated soaking and drying of the skin might cause dryness and irritation,” he adds.

Avoid spraying a face mist over makeup. YES, that’s the biggest no-no. Also, we are talking about face mists and not setting spray, both are different. If you spray a face mist over makeup, and not on cleansed skin, it will sit on the skin without actually penetrating deep within. While they are designed to hydrate the skin, the correct usage is important. Also, it’s important to top it up with an emollient moisturiser to seal the moisture in. When face mists aren’t followed up with a moisturiser, it can leave the skin drier.

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