Do not oppose female education, will make curriculum Islamic, say Taliban

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Kabul [Afghanistan]: Claiming that the Taliban does not oppose female education, the Islamic Emirate said that this was girls’ Islamic and legal right.
Acting Minister of Education of Afghanistan Noorullah Munir during his recent interview with Bakhtar News Agency, a local news agency, said that they will bring changes to the current curriculum and will make it Islamic, reported Khaama Press. The Taliban, after taking control of the country in mid-August, had closed the schools with thousands of girl students confined to their homes, attracting criticism by the international community.
The Islamic Emirate which banned girl schools for grades 7 to 12 in many provinces, claimed earlier that they are working to provide a safe environment for female students in Afghanistan.
While claiming girls’ education as a legal and Islamic right, Munir, however, did not elaborate on the new Islamic curriculum.
Meanwhile, he said that the Islamic scholars are busy working on a mechanism to provide a safe environment for girls that will be in concurrence with Islam and the Afghan traditions, reported Khaama Press.
About the salaries of teachers, the acting minister said that they are busy discussing the issue with UNICEF.
Earlier, UNICEF had announced that they will directly fund Afghan teachers and will give those salaries but the Taliban had said that all aid will be distributed under their surveillance, reported Khaama Press.

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