Digital Perm: Uncovering The Top 7 Must-Know Details

Digital Perm: Uncovering The Top 7 Must-Know Details
Explore 7 Facts About Digital Perm

Have no fear! Introducing the Digital Perm: an innovative concept that has taken the beauty industry by storm. The Digital Perm is a revolutionary technique that gives you all the voluminous, beautiful curls you could ever want, all while preserving structural integrity and promoting healthy hair growth.

What Is It?

A Digital Perm is the latest trend in hair styling that gives you bouncy, voluminous curls while preserving your hair’s natural integrity.

Starting with hot rollers, digital perm technology utilizes a unique combination of heat from a machine and special chemicals to give each strand of hair an individualized makeover.

Ideal for Asian hair that tends to be naturally straight, this style offers stunning results without compromising the health of your locks.

As with any other perm process, the success of the Digital Perm relies on finding a stylist who applies certified heat and quality chemicals safely.

To get the best out of this treatment, we recommend consulting a professional to make sure it’s right for you before scheduling your next appointment. Get ready to experience luscious locks with a Digital Perm – it’s never been easier!

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Digital Perm Vs Perm

When considering a perm for your hair, it is important to understand the differences between digital perms and normal perms.

A normal perm, also known as a “cold perm,” creates waves most obvious when the hair is wet and tends to have locks that look moist.

Explore 7 Facts About Digital Perm

On the other hand, digital perms make the wave more visible when the hair is dry and will be looser when wet.
With this guide to the Digital Perm, we’ll explore the details of 7 must-known facts.

Get ready to discover everything there is to know about this modern take on the classic look – let’s uncover what makes the Digital Perm so unique!

1. Preparing For The Day Takes More Time With A Digital Perm

When it comes to getting ready in the morning, many people think they can save time by straightening their curls with a digital perm.

However, this isn’t always the case. Though straight hair may only take 15 minutes or less to style, those with curly tresses find themselves spending double that amount of time preparing their locks for the day ahead.

Despite this being disheartening news at first, there is no need to worry. Like any skill, practice makes perfect, and with time styling curly hair will become more efficient and quicker!

2. Setting Aside 2-4 Hours For The Procedure

Taking the time to prepare for a tress perming appointment can be quite an experience. From setting aside enough time for the procedure to waiting for your turn in the salon, it’s important to ensure that nothing is forgotten on this quest for hair perfection.

Taking into account the estimated two to four hours for the perm itself and adding additional time if you are not the only one in line, visiting your hairstylist at a quieter time could offer a stress-free experience.

3. Protecting Your Hair With Care And Investment

Investing in quality hair products and tools, such as a keratin treatment or a box of hair clips, is the best way to battle frizz. Doing research ahead of time can help ensure that you are getting the most out of your money spent.

With this knowledge, one can experience the wonders that a keratin conditioning treatment can bring to their hair—from eliminating frizz to restoring its smoothness.

4. Ready To Make The Leap For A New Look?

Before taking the plunge for a digital perm, it’s essential to consider how long you are willing to commit. Digital perms last anywhere from a few months to two years, and reversing it without taking considerable risks is not an option.
So make sure that you can dedicate yourself to this hairstyle for at least a year before signing up!

5. Dare To Take On Frizz?

Getting a digital perm is an exciting way to refresh your look, especially for wavy and curly-haired men. But before you go in for the curls, it’s important to understand how frizz can be a side effect after this process.

As soon as your hair soaks up the perm solution and rolls into the curlers, the heat can fry it, leaving thin and medium-length hair vulnerable to being fried. This can lead to frizzing one week after the perm appointment.

To avoid this messiness, steer clear of running your fingers through your hair and opt instead for twirling sections with a diffuser blow dryer when drying your curls.

By understanding what takes place during a digital perm beforehand, you will be equipped with the knowledge necessary for achieving long-lasting results.

6. The Cost Of Going Digital With Your Hair

With the high price tag of a digital perm, it might be worth considering the fullness and length of your hair.

It’s no secret that this type of hairstyle can cost hundreds of dollars, but if you have particularly long or thick hair, then you may require more time to get the desired outcome which could add to the financial outlay.

Those with shorter and thinner hair will not have the same expense. It’s clear that a digital perm is not one-size-fits-all when it comes to cost.

7. Maintenance: The Key To Preserving Your Digital Perm

Getting a perm is a great way to give your hair lasting volume and curl, especially for those with Korean hair. From digital perms for short hair to long locks, there are many types of perms that can help you achieve the look you want.

While it’s true that a perm will last longer compared to other styling methods, it’s still important to remember that proper maintenance is essential if you want to keep looking good.

After getting a perm, make sure to use keratin-boosting products when styling your hair in order to maintain the luster and avoid extra fizziness. Doing so will ensure your new curls remain bouncy and beautiful!

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Final Thoughts

Digital perms are becoming increasingly popular, especially among those looking for a long-lasting and low-maintenance style.

Known as “Japanese digital perms”, this technique makes use of a specialized perm-solution and heat to provide users with a look that can last up to six months.

Reviews of digital perms have been overwhelmingly positive, with many noting the versatility of the look and the ease of styling it offers. As such, finding a salon offering digital perms near you should be relatively easy.

Furthermore, if you’re considering getting one yourself, make sure to inquire about how long digital perms typically last and view before-and-after photos from clients who have had them done.


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