Diganth Manchale Suffers Cervical Spine Injury In Goa

Panaji (Goa) [India]: Kannada entertainer Diganth Manchale experienced a cervical spine injury while involving a trampoline in Goa and was owned up to Manipal medical clinic, said Dr Sunny Kamat of Goa Manipal Hospital on Tuesday.

The 38-year-old entertainer was in Goa with his family when the episode happened. Afterward, Manchale was transported from Goa to Bengaluru on Tuesday evening for additional treatment.

His condition is steady. “Dighant Manchale was admitted to Manipal Hospital on Monday evening under my care. He had suffered a cervical spine injury while using a trampoline. He was posted for surgery on Tuesday. But since he was from Bengaluru, he wished his family members to be around during the time of surgery,” Dr Kamat said.

“That’s why he wished to be shifted to Manipal hospital, Bangalore. Chief Minister Pramod Sawant also helped him with the air ambulance. He was shifted on Tuesday afternoon to Bengaluru,” he added.

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