‘Destiny’s Child’ Reunion Not Happening Says Beyonce’s Father

Beyonce’s fans might feel disappointed as the much speculated ‘Destiny’s Child’ reunion is not happening.

Beyonce’s father Mathew Knowles who is DC’s official manager told TMZ that currently there are zero plans for the iconic group to reunite, make an album, tour or do anything like that. He also said that the recent social media updates on ‘Destiny’s Child’s official accounts that sparked the rumours, were just a “routine revamping” by the record label.

On a related note, Beyonce’s “new music’s coming” statement in an interview added further fuel to the fire. However, while teasing the upcoming project, she didn’t specify if it would be solo, or with her ‘Destiny’s Child’ teammates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

Knowles also weighed on to the fan response to the ‘Destiny’s Child’ reunion buzz and said that he is impressed by the huge demand for the singers to make a comeback; adding it is something they will take into account for the future.

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