Delhi Police to prepare list of 100 ‘bad drivers’, recommend them to attend road safety classes, counselling

New Delhi [India]: Delhi Police will prepare a list of 100 ‘bad drivers’ who often jump the red light, indulge in overspeeding and rash driving and will recommend them to do classes and counselling sessions on road safety, as per Special Commissioner of Traffic, Delhi Police Muktesh Chander.
“A list of 100 bad drivers will be prepared by the police, who often put other lives at risk by jumping the red light or indulging in rash driving and overspeeding. Letters will be sent at their homes in which we will recommend them to visit classes and counselling sessions on road safety. Classes in physical and video conference mode are available for all,” Chander told ANI. Chandra warned that the license of the drivers will be cancelled under the Motor Vehicle act if drivers continue to ignore the warnings of the police and stay absent from the classes.
He also said that the police resumed the checking of drivers for drunk driving and Covid protocols are being followed in the entire process.
“People should not use COVID-19 as an excuse to escape the checking. We are following all the protocols, be it sanitising the machines, using a new pipe for breath analysers and wearing gloves. Earlier this practice was stopped due to Covid but has been started again. In the last 15 days, more than 750 challans have been given to people,” Chander said.
He also said that the police resumed its drive against people hiding their number plates. “More than 4000 challans have been issued for this so far,” he added.

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