Delhi: 107 gangsters arrested out of 26 gangs including 188 members

New Delhi [India], September 25 : After the shootout inside the Rohini court, questions may arise about the presence of such dreaded gangsters and their gangs in Delhi and about police actions against them. How far police have succeeded in their endeavours to put them behind the bars. Newly-appointed Delhi police under commissioner Rakesh Asthana has adopted zero-tolerance against organised crime. Commissioner of Police has instructed that there should be stern action against gang. all Units have been roped into action against organised crime and criminals. Being the specialized units special cell and crime branch have a bit more to do.
Speaking to ANI exclusively, the Joint Commissioner of Police, Crime Branch, Alok Kumar said, “There are 26 identified gangs in Delhi with a total of 188 identified gang members. Out of these 107 have been arrested.”
Alok Kumar gave the inside of police strategies, organized crime networks and gangsters modus operandi and their hierarchy.
“A comprehensive strategy has been made on the instructions of Commissioner of Police to act comprehensively against the criminals. This is very important to understand that top-level criminals flourish because of the existence of street and organised crime at the local level. We are tackling local crime by applying a two-pronged strategy. Applying law and weaning away youth through Yuva scheme of skill training. This helps us restraining the top criminals from getting recruits,” he said.
The joint commissioner further said that the second level of organised crime involves gun-running racket, drug peddling and several such crimes. To tackle this, a hotspot analysis strategy is being taken up. Under this strategy, area mapping is done, characters and business modules are identified. The third level is of top gangsters. A continuous campaign is being run by almost all units of Delhi police against this through human intelligence, technology, surveillance, and coordination among states and agencies.
At this point, it is important to understand the hierarchy of gangsters which goes into three tiers. In first-tier, Delhi police have listed all top gangsters including Kala Jathedi, Kapil, Niraj Bhawaniya and some others. Gangs are run under their names. Most of the top gangsters are already arrested.
“Second-tier of gangsters provides logistics and all type of support to third-tier criminals. Third-tier criminals are those involved in committing crimes on the ground. We have prepared the list according to each gang and identifying the functionaries. Action is being taken according to their level of involvement and as per law,” said Alok Kumar.
Even some gangs have formed alliances to commit crimes like Rohini incident.
“These gangs have links among them. Names of two-three gangs are surfacing in yesterday’s incident. Gogi Lawrance and Kala Jathedi are in alliance. They have done many crimes together and helps members of respective gangs to hide. In October, we are going to have a meeting of UTs and various states of the Northern region with common agenda to tackle organised crime which will be chaired by CP Delhi,” he said.
On the question of how the most organised crime linked to these gangs happening despite the fact their leaders being in jail, the officer said, “This simply shows that their links are there outside the jail which keeps the action alive. in their operations police is using human intelligence, technology and all possible mediums against their linkage, and have been very successful in recent days.”
Social media is constantly observed as it plays an important role. “Besides, roles of criminals sitting abroad are also being monitored on regular basis. The police is effectively registering cases under the Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act (MACOCA). In recent days special cell has registered 10 cases while crime branch has booked six cases under MACOCA. Gunrunning rackets or drugs pedalling all are good sources of income for gangsters. MACOCA is very helpful in such cases,” he concluded. (ANI)

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