Decision to start tea shop pays off

for three friends from Indore , decision to start tea shop pays off, as turnover reaches Rs 100 crore

Indore (Madhya Pradesh) [India], August 7 : Three friends from Indore opted not to become civil servants or look for lucrative private-sector jobs and decided to become entrepreneurs but opened a tea shop named ‘Chai Sutta Bar, which today has a turnover of more than Rs 100 crore.
The start-up business decision looks worth it as their business venture has a turnover of more than Rs 100 crore per year with over 165 outlets have been established across the country along with franchises in Dubai, Oman in just a span of 5 years. Although, the name of the shop is ‘Chai Sutta Bar’ smoking is not allowed in the shop.
The tea shop is not like other shops as here they sell tea of many different flavors at Rs 10 only. Apart from tea, sandwiches, pasta, Maggi, etc. are also served here.
In 2016, they opened their first tea shop in Indore at a cost of Rs 3 lakh and now it has become a private limited company, with many franchises abroad.
Chai Sutta Bar has also immensely benefitted potter families who make earthen cups or kulhads for its outlets as they serve tea in kulhads.
“Our tea is served in kulhads in all the outlets. Every day we use about 3 lakh kulhads daily, which provides employment to thousands of people,” he added.
Anand Nayak, director of ‘Chai Sutta Bar’ told that the brand has 165 outlets across the country with a turnover of more than Rs 100 crore, in which the turnover of about 2.5 crore company’s own outlets.

“I started this small shop in 2016, with our friends Anubhav and Rahul in Bhanwarkuan area, then we opened two more outlets in different locations. Now, there are 13 outlets in Indore and 165 outlets across the country. Apart from this, franchises have also been given in Dubai, Oman. Canada and London are also going to start.”
He further said that before giving franchises, they provide 15 days of training to the outlet openers and their staff by calling them to Indore. “During the training, we teach them the complete setup and method of making tea,” he added.
Nayak said that an investment of about Rs 1 to Rs 3 lakh can get a franchise and a total of Rs 12 to Rs 15 lakh is required to set up the entire shop.
“My father is a farmer but I wanted to do business, so first I started a readymade garments shop and then tea shop,” Nayak added.
Anand’s partner Anubhav Dubey who was preparing for UPSC, dumped his civil service aspirations to dive into entrepreneurship.
“I belong to a middle-class family and it was my parent’s dream that I should become an IAS officer. I was also preparing for it, but after Anand’s call, I moved from Rewa to Indore,” said Anubhav Dubey.
Anubhav said that when they were in school they used to sell second-hand mobile phones to earn money which gave an idea “that we can do business together as partners”.

“The first thing to come to our mind was real estate, as it is the easiest way to make money. However it was a capital intensive business and we only had Rs 3 lakh, from which we opened a tea shop,” recalls Anubhav.
“I never told my father about the tea shop, when we opened our third shop, someone told him that his son is selling tea in Indore. The next day he came to Indore from Rewa, we were scared that now I would be killed but he was normal. But when we were invited and honoured at an event in Jaipur my father was very happy,” he said.
He further added that they serve tea in seven different flavours, which are Ginger, Tulsi, Chocolate, Paan, Cardamom, Rose, and Masala and each is priced at Rs 10.
“Our tea is served in kulhads in all the outlets. Every day we use about 3 lakh kulhads daily, which provides employment to thousands of people,” he added. (

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