‘Deadpool 3’, ‘Avengers: Secret Wars,’ ‘Fantastic Four’ , ‘Blade’ Release Date Delayed

Washington [US]: Disney has determined to delay the releases of ‘Blade’, ‘Deadpool three’, ‘Fantastic Four’ and other significant Marvel properties.

As per Variety, ‘Blade’ has moved from November three, 2023, to September 6, 2024, which created a ripple in the rest of the MCU. ‘Deadpool three’ has relocated from September 6, 2024, to November 8, 2024. The movie stars Ryan Reynolds and has lured Hugh Jackman out of retirement as Wolverine. Shawn Levy will helm the assignment.

‘Fantastic Four’ has shifted from November eight, 2024, to February 14, 2025. The film, one among Marvel’s most expected, has but to forged the four leads, however, has WandaVision director Matt Shakman attached to direct.
An untitled Marvel movie has been pushed from February 14, 2025, to November 7, 2025; ‘Avengers: Secret Wars’ has been behind schedule from November 7, 2025, to May 1, 2026; and some other untitled Marvel movie set for May 1, 2026, has been eliminated from Disney’s calendar.

In non-comic book news, Searchlight’s historical drama ‘Chevalier’, starring Kelvin Harrison Jr. Because the musician Chevalier de Saint-Georges, will open in theatres on April 7, 2023; ‘Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes’ is about for May 24, 2024; and ‘A Haunting in Venice’ is dated for September 15, 2023.

In July, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige announced at San Diego Comic-Con that ‘Fantastic Four’ might kick off Phase Six, which could make ‘Blade’ and ‘Deadpool 3’ the very last two movies in Phase Five. The delay of ‘Avengers: Secret Wars’ method means that fans will now not get ‘Avengers’ films in the same year.

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