Darren Criss, Wife Mia Expecting Their First Baby

Darren Criss baby https://www.instagram.com/p/CVEAvHohv4o/ Credit: Darren Criss/Instagram

American actor-singer Darren Criss and his wife Mia Criss are going to be parents! The couple shared that their “ultimate collab” is dropping next spring.

Darren revealed the happy news on Instagram on Friday, in a series of images and videos. The post saw the pair in a recording studio, holding acoustic guitars and smiling.

Next was a brief clip showing a screen with a sound spectrum display, and a fetal heartbeat was heard.
The second image was of their baby sonogram with a title over it which read, “Baby Von Criss Dropping Spring 2022”.

Finally, the Crisses were seen in front of the audio equipment, before turning to the camera. Mia then moved her overshirt slightly to reveal a growing baby bump.

“We’ve been making music for years.[?] But this time we made a BEAT.[?][?] The ultimate collab droppin Spring 2022,” Darren captioned the post.

As per People magazine, the much-in-love couple got married in February 2019, in a lavish ceremony held in New Orleans, after Darren met Mia through mutual friends in 2006. They began to date four years later.

At the wedding, Darren surprised her with a concert. And Mia, also a musician, joined the stage. Last year, Darren spoke to People magazine after celebrating his one-year anniversary.

“It’s been a year since the wedding. That was one of the most incredible events of my entire life. The most magical experience. Say what you will about the construct of marriage and tradition: weddings are amazing,” the ‘Glee’ star said.

“It was a magical and crazy thing. If I could, I’d get married every year for the rest of my life,” he added.

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