Dark Fantasy & Jaggery Rabdi Tiramisu Recipe

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To give your taste buds a twist we landed with a recipe of Dark Fantasy and Jaggery Rabdi Tiramisu. Try out this delicious recipe of Dark Fantasy and Jaggery Rabdi Tiramisu.

Check out:-

Ingredient Quantity 
Milk1000 Ml
Jaggery, grated3 tbsp
Dark Fantasy Cookies2 Pac
Coffee Powder2 tsp

Ingredients for multigrain jaggery crumble:

Ingredient Quantity 
Multigrain Atta5 tbsp
Ghee1 tbsp
Jaggery, grated2 tbsp

Ingredients for garnishing:

 Ingredient Quantity
Cocoa powder, for dusting1 Tbsp
Microgreens1 Box
Fresh blueberries1 Pac 
Piping bag1 No


Reduce the milk over slow heat and allow it to reduce to less than half till thick and creamy like a rabdi. Add in jaggery and mix well. Refrigerate and allow to cool. 

Now take a pan by taking multimillet flour and slowly sautéing it in a pan at low heat till it releases a nice aroma. Make a crumble by mixing roasted multigrain atta, warm ghee and jaggery and  allow it to cool. Keep aside.

For layering the tiramisu: Pour the rabdi into a piping bag and keep aside. Also dip the coffee fills coffee decoction and use as required.

For plating, pipe the rabdi in a jar and arrange coffee fills layer by layer alternatively with rabdi to form a deck till jar is filled. Sprinke multigrain jaggery crumble on top.

Garnish with sprinkling of cocoa powder, microgreens and fresh blueberries to  finish plating. Serve.

(Recipe: ITC Hotel Chef Kusha Mathur)

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