CWG 2022: Indian weightlifter Lovepreet Singh wins Bronze medal in Men’s 109 kg final

Birmingham [UK]: Indian weightlifter Lovepreet Singh added an additional medal to India’s tally after catching a Bronze medal in the final of the Men’s 109 kg category at the continuous Commonwealth Games 2022 in Birmingham on Wednesday.
He finished with a combined lift of 355 kg. It contained 163 kg in his final Snatch attempt and also a best of 192 kg in the Clean and Jerk category. Cameroon’s Junior Periclex Ngadja Nyabeyeu took home the Gold with a combined lift of 361 kg, which included the best lift of 160 kg in the Snatch category and also the best of 201 kg in the C&J category.
The silver medal went to Samoa’s Jack Hitila Opeloge that had a mixed lift of 358 kg. It consisted of the best lift of 164 kg in the Snatch category and 194 in the C&J category.
Lovepreet Singh was off to a great start. He lifted a solid 157 kg in the first Snatch attempt and he took the lead after this.
His various other challengers outdid him and he was dethroned from the initial area. His second Snatch effort was an impressive 161 kg, which once again placed him at the top.
However, in his final effort, Canada’s Pierre-Alexandre Bessette lifted an impressive 163 kg, which pressed him to top and also Lovepreet was thrown at second.
Lovepreet reacted with an outstanding 163 kg lift in his last Snatch attempt. He finished the Snatch occasion connected with Bessette for the 2nd position. At the initial position was Samoa’s Jack Hitila Opeloge, who raised a wonderful 164 kg in his final effort.
Cameroon’s Junior Periclex Ngadja Nyabeyeu went to the 3rd spot with a lift of 160 kg.
With the Indian in medal opinion, points moved to the Clean and Jerk event.
Lovepreet raised an excellent 185 kg in his first effort in C&J, which enhanced his top placement chances.
He followed this with an even much better lift of 189 kg in his second attempt, which boosted his consolidated lift from 348 kg to 352 kg.
Lovepreet’s final C&J effort was a monstrous lift of 192 kg, which pushed his combined lift to 355 kg. The closest to him was Bessette with a combined lift of 349 kg, followed by Andy Griffiths of England, that had a combined lift of 346 kg.
However, some participants were yet to finish their C&J attempts and Lovepreet needed to wait to see if he can end up at a podium placement, ideally the upper one which he had actually occupied.
Samoa’s Opeloge lifted an enormous 194 kg in his very first effort at C&J and Cameroon’s Junior Periclex Ngadja Nyabeyeu likewise lifted 196 kg in his first effort. Both were in very first and 2nd setting with a consolidated lift of 358 kg and 356 kg respectively. Lovepreet was pushed down to 3rd.
In the end, Lovepreet needed to stay content with a bronze medal as he finished with a consolidated lift of 355 kg.

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