Current Myanmar, Afghanistan envoys to UN to keep posts for now, informs Russian envoy

Moscow [Russia]: The ambassadors of Afghanistan and Myanmar to the United Nations, appointed by the governments in those countries, will keep their posts until the UN Credentials Committee decides on the nations’ representations at the world body, Russian Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Gennady Kuzmin has said.
According to the Russian news agency Sputnik, the UN Credentials Committee convened a meeting on Wednesday to decide whether Myanmar’s Ambassador Kyaw Moe Tun and Afghanistan’s Ghulam Isaczai should continue serving as ambassadors. The Tatmadaw and the Taliban had requested that their envoys occupy seats at the United Nations following their seizing power in the two states.
“The current envoys of Afghanistan and Myanmar will continue to serve as permanent representatives until the final decision of the Committee is issued,” Sputnik quoted Kuzmin as saying after the meeting.
The Russian ambassador said the Credentials Committee considered the candidate named by the Taliban in September to represent Afghanistan at the United Nations, Mohammad Suhail Shaheen.
The Credentials Committee’s failure to reach an agreement on the representation was due to differences among the Committee members and challenging political context in the two states, Kuzmin said.
“There were differences, and these are quite sensitive political situations in these countries… Therefore, the Committee at this stage was unable to issue a substantial decision,” he added.
Kuzmin also said the decision represents a “middle ground” that will allow in the future to settle the controversial situation, Sputnik reported.
The Credentials Committee did not schedule its next meeting; however, on December 9, it will submit a report on the meeting results to the UN General Assembly.
The General Assembly will affirm in a resolution every delegation’s representation at the United Nations but defer the decision on Afghanistan and Myanmar, Kuzmin said.

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