Curious case of Pakistan’s Sajid Mir, mastermind of 26/11 Mumbai Terror strikes

Islamabad [Pakistan]-  “Desired: Dead or To life” is the typical need worldwide of criminal offense anywhere. However the living is declared dead in Pakistan’s globe of lawbreakers and also terrorists. And if need be, the dead come active, if the powerful are to be placated.

This is the curious instance of Sajid Mir, one of the masterminds of the 26/11 horror strikes in Mumbai, India, in 2008. Declared “untraceable” and “dead” for a long period of time due to the fact that India wanted him recorded, tried as well as penalized, he has “come active”, in a manner of speaking, as well as is silently sent to prison for 15 years.

The reasons range from soothing the USA to connecting to India for talks and trade. Yet the instant designated gain is persuading the fact-finding team of the Financial Activity Task Force (FATF) that is expected to make an on-site visit to Pakistan.

Hotel Taj in mumbai was attacked by terrorists

The FATF, it may be remembered, at its last seminar in Berlin (June 17-18), resolved to take Pakistan off its “under watch” list, commonly known as the “grey” listing, because it had actually met most, though not all, requirements of enacting laws and taking executive actions to eliminate money-laundering and also advertising horror financing via its firms and banking institutions.

It is however tentative. Hence, after initial rejoicing, when everyone tipped over each other in taking debt, the sober mood asked for getting rid of all tracks before the arrival of the checking out FATF team.

This is why, and exactly how, Sajid Majeed Mir has surfaced. Prior to continuing further it interests note 3 recalls of the recent past. Osama Container Laden was “probably dead, as well as absolutely not in Pakistan”, according to the currently ailing and banished army ruler, General Pervez Musharraf.

He would certainly ridicule any type of talk of Pakistan concealing Osama. Till, long after he was out of office and also under house arrest in 2011, when the US Seals, the Special Forces’ commandos, situated him in a hideout in Abbottabad and eliminated him. When asked, he sang the “sovereignty” song– its offense by the US.

Baitullah Mehsud of the Tehreek-e- Taliban Pakistan (TTP) backed the assassin that killed former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in 2007. He was declared “untraceable”, even “dead” in an encounter. But he surfaced in 2018 to reject any type of involvement.

Ehsanullah Ehsan, one more TTP leader and spokesperson was behind the capturing of Malala Yusuf, the little lady that survived being flown to Britain. She eventually ended up being the world’s youngest Nobel Laureate. Ehsanullah also baited Malala to “return to Pakistan once.”

Under prosecution, Ehsan got away, and then surrendered following an “understanding” reached with one of the Pakistani intelligence attire. When this did not prosper, he left once more, simply took a flight along with the household, as well as ran away to Turkey.

Sajid Mir has currently “come to life” as well as remains in prison. An anti-terrorism court in Pakistan granted over 15 years prison term in a terror-financing case to Mir.

” An anti-terrorism court in Lahore early this month had passed on over 15 years jail term to Sajid Majeed Mir, a lobbyist of outlawed Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), on a terror-financing case,” a senior legal representative associated with horror financing situations of LeT and Jamaat-ud-Dawa leaders stated on June 24, 2022.

The Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) of the Punjab Cops, which frequently provides sentences of the suspects in such situations to the media, did not inform Mir’s sentence in a terror-financing case. Besides, since it was an in-camera case at the prison, the media was not allowed.

The legal representative additionally claimed convict Mir, who remains in his mid-40s, has remained in the Kot Lakhpat jail because his apprehension this April. He said the court also imposed a fine of over PKR 400,000 on Mir. Pakistan told the FATF at the Berlin meeting that it had actually detained as well as prosecuted Sajid Mir to promote elimination from the FATF ‘Grey list’.

Sajid Mir has a bounty of USD 5 Million. He was called “job manager” of the Mumbai strikes. He had actually apparently gone to India in 2005 utilizing a fake passport with a fake name. Mumbai horror attacks declared mastermind and Jamat-ud-Dawa (JuD) principal Hafiz Saeed has actually currently been sentenced to 68 years jail time in fear financing instances by the Lahore Anti Terrorism Court (ATC).

Mumbai attack “operation commander” Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi is additionally founded guilty to several years behind bars. Saeed, a UN-designated terrorist on whom the United States has placed a USD 10 million bounty, was apprehended in July 2019 in the horror financing cases.

The jail sentence of Mir, after Hafiz Saeed as well as Lakhvi, comes as part of the strategy to placate FATF.

The apprehension of Sajid Mir likewise has a polite angle. The brand-new federal government of Head of state Shehbaz Sharif is keen on mending fencings damaged by its precursor Imran Khan Government. The targets are the USA and as much as a point, India, ostensibly, under American persuasion.

The Sharif government is playing up to Washington, as opposed to Imran Khan’s anti-US campaign that has escalated after being elected out of power. Reports are that Islamabad intends to facilitate the US existence in Afghanistan that the last had to quit last August when the Taliban confiscated power.

Islamabad began by sending ISI principal, Lieutenant General Nadeem Anjum to Washington. After the stage was set, Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, Foreign Minister in the Sharif Government, was in the US and also right after, Bilawal began advocating the resumption of the connections with India, gone “chilly” in the last 2 years.

He talked of connections with India being of shared rate of interest, even in Pakistan’s passion, however stopped short of doing anything concrete, even resuming reciprocal trade that he thinks would benefit Pakistan more. Mir’s surfacing and jail time are to excite India, of excellent intent of the Sharif Federal government. But just words have appeared.

Pakistan has actually acted in this manner in the past as well, under Washington’s persuasion.

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