COVID vaccination is our shield, protection, effort to ultimately extinguish the disease: VK Paul

New Delhi [India], September 14 : As India crossed the landmark of administering over 75 crore COVID-19 vaccine doses on Tuesday, Niti Aayog Member (Health) Dr VK Paul said that vaccine is a shield against the disease and is also the union government’s effort to contain and ultimately extinguish coronavirus.
In an exclusive interview with ANI, Paul said, “This is a very significant milestone in our fight against COVID-19. The vaccination programme and the vaccine is our shield, our protection, and our effort to contain and ultimately extinguish this disease in the 75th year of independence.” Mentioning that there are still several miles to cover, he said, “Our agenda is still to be achieved but we are making accelerated progress. There is acceleration in the implementation of the vaccination programme and this shows our capability.”
In the month of May, every day about 20 lakh doses of the Covid vaccine were administered, and more recently, India administers above 75 lakhs doses per day.
“This augurs well; it gives us confidence that we will be able to provide vaccinations to our population in a rational period of time,” Paul added.
Giving an insight into India’s future goal for COVID-19 vaccination, he said, “The goal is that all adults who are eligible for receiving Covid vaccination should get their jab. This is the goal towards which we are working presently.”
“Our acceleration is reassuring and vaccine supply portfolio is also reassuring. Steadily, we are moving in towards the goal. It’s a goal that we believe is possible to be achieved,” he added.
Further, he mentioned that the entire system engaged in the COVID-19 vaccination programme is geared up, Paul said, “We now know how to mobilise people of not only the urban but also the rural areas. People themselves are also coming forward to get their dose of vaccine. The IT system and the cold chain systems are also working well. It is very reassuring.”
“We have steady well-oiled machinery that is working and can further push vaccine uptake in remote areas for marginalised people and those who need to be made aware. But that’s an effort that would be achieved collectively by the will of people, the stakeholders of the government, civil society and others,” he added.

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