Cory Nieves: A young CEO who will leave you shocked !!

Cory Nieves: A young CEO who will leave you shocked !!

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Nobody knows this better than young entrepreneurs, that age is not a reliable success indicator. People may turn their ideas into successful businesses without having a driver’s licence or a high school diploma. 

If you thought running a business as a teenager was remarkable, wait till you learn Nieves started Mr Cory’s Cookies when he was just six years old! Nieves never envisioned himself as the owner of a flourishing cookie company. Instead, Nieves had the idea because he was sick of using the local transportation system in Englewood, New Jersey, and he also wanted to assist his mother in getting a car.

Cory Nieves, a 17-year-old entrepreneur, is in charge of Mr Cory’s Cookies, an all-natural and premium cookie shop that has only experienced success. Original recipe cookies like the Double Dark, Oatmeal Raisin, Sugar, and more are available at Mr Cory’s Cookies. 

The fifth-grader founded Mr Cory’s Cookies and served as its CEO and director of distribution. He sells his handmade products on the streets of Englewood, New Jersey, every Saturday. To deliver his products to nearby stores like boutiques, barbershops, and car dealerships, he employs a waggon cart.

According to their website, the native of Harlem started the cookie company when he was only 6 years old after complaining to his mother, Lisa Howard, that he was sick of taking the bus to school and wanted to buy a car instead. 

Due to this, Nieves decided to sell hot chocolate around the community of Englewood to collect money for buying his mom a new car. 

When he was only 6 years old, he started selling cookies and hot chocolate outside a nearby pizzeria to raise money for one. 

The company was an instant success if a tiny one; the cookies were well received at neighbourhood farmer’s markets. Lisa told her son about her surprise at the outcome. He was earning more than $300 every day. She persuaded him to keep selling to raise money for his college expenses. 

But when someone contacted the Department of Health, the off-the-books company was shut down for failing to comply with health rules. 

However, the business ran into trouble when Cory was reported to the health authority in 2012 for not producing his products in a commercial kitchen. Then, a colleague businessman from Englewood extended an invitation for him to use his modern kitchen. Still, Cory had not made enough money to purchase that car. 

Howard inspired him to continue with the hot cocoa sales for a college fund, and he soon released his entrepreneurial fire while starting the firm. Nieves grew his business and started selling cookies and lemonade in addition to hot chocolate, thanks to his effort. Even learning the fundamentals of baking, the two quickly started experimenting with their cookie recipes. 

He was invited to The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2014, where DeGeneres gave Cory $10,000 and his mother a car. He set aside the cash for his college fund, intending to attend Princeton University after high school. He still has aspirations to expand his company. 

In addition to having a brand-new office in a charming area of Englewood, Mr Cory’s Cookies also has a distinctive corporate car. Marcus Lemonis, the host of CNBC’s “The Profit,” a reality series devoted to assisting struggling firms, was also moved by their story. Mr Lemonis consented to contribute to the business. 

All-natural chocolate chip cookies are baked by Mr Cory’s Cookies in a professional kitchen and shipped across the country. In addition to working with organisations and brands, including Bloomingdales, Citibank, Macy’s, Mercedes-Benz, TOMS, Viacom, and Whole Foods, Cory runs pop-up shops around New York and New Jersey. 

Even though the business has challenges, Lisa and Cory are always prepared to give back to their neighbourhood. 

They have collaborated with groups, including the Children’s Aid Society in New York City and Bergen’s Promise in Rochelle Park, New Jersey. Nieves is still in charge even though his mother is now legally forced to bake. According to his mother, Lisa Nieves, “I sometimes find it hard to believe my son is my boss.” Hold on a second, please. I occasionally have to correct him as well. Because he often puts that to his head. Hold on, Cory, I have to cut the check, I have to say. Not at all. Therefore, let’s work together. “ 

Nieves developed the concept for Mr Cory’s Cookies many years ago. And now, at roughly $1 per cookie, he sells up to 1000 of them during the weekend. Additionally, his business has earned him a spot on the Ellen Degeneres show and more than 30,000 Instagram followers.

Mr Cory’s isn’t the only business that sells cookies. Even though the Nieves family developed their recipe, there are probably some additional elements that contributed to the success of the brand. 

First, the business has had success with its approach of distributing its goods to other stores where customers are already shopping. And it is also obvious that the affordable costs for a quality product have been a selling element. Having Mr Cory serve as the company’s spokesperson undoubtedly helped as well.

He also claims he isn’t finished yet. The fashion business and a few other top-secret endeavours are in the mini-sights. Billionaire’s “All the fresh information that’s going to come out, it’s secret,” he told CBS News. You know, I want to release a lot of fresh material, including G-14 Classified. That seems to be very secure. High security, etc. You might end up in court if you bribe us. 

In addition to dressing like a dude in his favourite linen pants, blazers, and printed ties with a Windsor knot, of course, Cory enjoys giving back to the less fortunate with some of the money made from his successful business. He has plans to establish a programme to assist young entrepreneurs from low-income families.

Nieves has big hopes for the company’s future growth as well as his future, even if it currently only provides 14 flavours. I want to take a little break from Mr Cory’s Cookies when I’m older and finish college, he declares. “I’ll start at the bottom and work my way up,” the kid said. There is no reason he cannot repeat what he has already done.


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