Columbia University: Another name of Academic Excellence, Ranked ‘Great Institution’

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Columbia University in New York City, founded in 1754,  is both a tiny college and a significant research university, providing an Ivy League experience on a human scale. Working in small courses and labs with visionary teachers in fields ranging from the classical to the high end is a requirement. It entails being a part of one of the world’s most varied and talented student bodies. It entails a hallmark Core Curriculum, as well as outstanding undergraduate research with internationally renowned teachers. It entails residing in a metropolis fueled by the most innovative and forward-thinking ideas. It implies that any goal, any chance, is within reach.

Academics :

Students can take classes and do research that advances what the world knows in every field through Columbia College and The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science. The mission is to engage about 6,000 students in major research projects with world-renowned academics and to assist students in discovering their genuine skills and passions. There are 6:1 student-to-faculty ratios in over 100 fields of study (3:1 in most science fields), and 80 percent of undergraduate courses have students enrolled or fewer.

Eminent scholars are engaged to teach students

Columbia’s distinguished Core Curriculum, a series of small conversation seminars exploring foundational texts, enduring documents, and exceptional studies in literature, philosophy, history, music, art, writing, science, and more, exemplifies the intimate academic environment’s pluralism of thought and diversity. The Core is a course that requires students of all degrees, including engineers, to build connections throughout the world of ideas, expanding their understanding together at every turn. Intellectual energy is uniquely important to Columbia’s identity, from comprehending globalization pressures to grasping existence through the lens of a gene to communicating human desire via the arts. The Core, which has a century of heritage, is an intellectual process that not only brings students together and connects them across fields but also represents a Columbia education.

The Art of Engineering, a first-year design course; practical learning design activities; and research in New York City and worldwide characterize Columbia Engineering’s distinctive program. Our engineers are leaders, global citizens, and entrepreneurial thinkers working to make humanity and the globe more fair, healthy, secure, connected, and creative. This is referred to as Engineering for Humanity.

Student Life

More than world-class academic options are available to Columbia College students. From their first steps on campus to their last ones at Commencement, departments across the Institution assist and serve College students. Students can stay connected to Columbia College after graduation through various programming and support offered by Columbia College Alumni Matters and other departments. Undergraduate Student Life is to create an inclusive and welcoming community by assisting undergraduate students in developing the skills and understanding of self and others necessary to engage, serve, and lead responsibly at Columbia, in New York City, and beyond. Columbia University manages the new student orientation program, affinity clubs, organizational advising, and more in multicultural affairs, Residential Life, and Student Engagement.

Students rank it as the No 1 University on various parameters

Extracurricular Activities:

Students can participate in over 500 groups outside the class, with over 60 cultural and religious identity groups. Columbia has 31 Ivy League Division I athletic teams, as well as numerous club and extracurricular sports. From Homecoming, the Tree Lighting Ceremony, and the President’s Fun Run to the Holi Festival and the Varsity Show, annual events bring the Columbia community together to interact and celebrate one another. Attending college in New York City allows people to live in one of the world’s largest and most diverse cities. You will be at the cutting edge of every industry, including research, business, technology, the arts, journalism, publishing, and more. With thousands of services and research collaborations and thousands of employment and internships, the area is not just a place and a university but also a living lab and a great inspiration. Coming to Columbia means getting free or discounted tickets to Broadway shows, concerts, and museums, guaranteeing you can see everything New York City offers. Columbia students can cheer on friends who run the New York City Marathon, take a Tour of Contemporary Art after class, do an internship in Silicon Alley startups, and chill in Central Park, which is just a few subway stops away from campus.

Students enjoy their academic life with great learning and fun at the campus

Financial Aid: 

Columbia University feels that financial constraints should not prevent students from pursuing their educational goals, and we have one of the most comprehensive need-based financial assistance programs in the country. Our approach to cost-effectiveness is straightforward: Need-based. Need-blind. There is a complete requirement. Your family’s capacity to pay for college expenditures is used to assess financial aid status. We consider applications from US citizens, suitable non-citizens, and unauthorized students regardless of financial need. For all first-year and transfer students seeking their first degree, we meet 100 percent of documented financial needs.

There are no technical, athletic, or skill institutional scholarships at Columbia; all financial assistance is need-based and consists of grants and coursework. Instead, we assess each family’s financial capability based on the facts submitted in their financial aid application. Then, throughout their time at Columbia, we cover 100 percent of every financial necessity for all admitted students. Loans aren’t utilized to meet financial needs, and they’re not used in initial financial assistance grants. Parents are not asked to pay the cost of college for kids from families with annual total earnings of less than $60,000 (and normal assets). The parent contribution for students from families with total annual incomes of $60,000 to $100,000 (and normal assets) is much lower. There are no based on income cutoffs in our financial assistance study, which considers various factors. Columbia University is accessible to students from a variety of socioeconomic situations.

Students from across the globe apply and get a chance to study every year

Why Columbia University : 

Columbia University was founded in 1896 as a private research institute. CU is the fifth-oldest institution in the country, and its high ranking has earned it Ivy League accreditation. It’s one of the most prestigious colleges in the country, but it’s not difficult to get into if your grades are above average and you’ve done a fair amount of research. According to U.S. News ‘Best Global Universities Ranking,’ it is ranked #8.

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