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No matter how you feel about circumcision, there is one thing we can all agree on: the circumcision scar sucks. This guide will help you deal with the aftermath of circumcision in the most effective way possible. Everything from dealing with pain to minimizing scarring is covered here, so read on!

What Is This Procedure?

The foreskin is a layer of skin that surrounds the penis and is surgically removed during male circumcision. The process is usually performed on newborns for religious or cultural reasons, but you can do it at any age.

Some parents also choose to have their son circumcised for medical reasons, such as if the boy has a family history of circumcision.

In some cases, circumcision may cause scar tissue to form, leading to pain during erection or erectile dysfunction. The chance of these complications happening is low, but they can happen.

Are Circumcision Scars Normal

The circumcision scar is the line where the circumcision was performed. It is typically located on the top of the penis head or the shaft of the penis just below the head. The circumcision scar may be visible, or it may be hidden beneath the penile skin.

They are usually normal and do not cause any problems. However, some men may experience pain, itching, or irritation around the circumcision scar.

How To Heal Circumcision Scar For Adults?

Circumcision scars can be a source of insecurity for many men. To lessen your circumcision scars, you can do a few things.

First, avoid friction by wearing loose-fitting underwear. It will prevent the scar from rubbing against your clothing and causing further irritation.
And second, make sure the skin stays dry and clean. This will avoid infection and the improvement of the healing process.

Finally, you can try using an OTC circumcision scar cream or scar oil to help fade the appearance of the scars.
If these methods don’t work, you can always opt for cosmetic surgery, though it’s important to note that insurance usually won’t cover this type of procedure.

When Can You Have Se.x Again?

When it comes to se.x after circumcision, there isn’t a definitive answer. It all depends on how you’re feeling.

In general, it’s probably best to wait until the wound has completely healed before engaging in se-xual activity. It means there should be no redness, swelling or discharge.

You can enjoy se.x as usual after proper healing. However, lubrication is essential to reduce friction and avoid re-injuring the area. If you experience pain or bleeding during se.x, stop immediately and see your doctor.

How To Reduce Circumcision Scars For Infants

For most adults, male circumcision takes longer to recover from than it does for babies. But, you must take some precautions after the surgery to reduce scarring.

Putting petroleum jelly on the top of the penis helps to keep the diaper from rubbing and causing irritation.
It is also essential to replace the bandage every day until complete healing.

Can Circumcision Go Wrong

Though it is considered safe by many, all surgeries come with some risks, no matter how big or small the surgery may be. So in some cases, circumcision can go wrong.

The most persistent complication is bleeding. However, in most situations, this can be dealt with either with pressure or stitches.

Infection is also possible, though you can usually treat this with antibiotics. In sporadic cases, the foreskin may be removed entirely, or damage to the penis may occur.

Thankfully, these complications are rare, and circumcision remains a safe and effective procedure.

What Is Circumcision Scar Revision?

Circumcision Scar Revision is a surgical procedure performed to enhance the penis appearance. The goal of circumcision scar revision is to make the scar less noticeable and to enhance the function of the penis.

Circumcision scar revision is often performed on men who are unhappy with the appearance of their penis after circumcision.

The surgery is also sometimes performed on men with keloids, which are raised scars that can form after injury or surgery.

What Do Circumcision Scars Look Like?

For some guys, the scar is barely noticeable. For others, it may be more pronounced. You might have a line or a slight indentation where the doctor removed the skin. The appearance of your scar will depend on how much skin was taken off and the method used for circumcision.


Surgical cuts can harden or thicken your skin as your wound heals, and new tissue forms over the amount. This can sometimes result in a raised, thickened scar.

Stitch Scars:

Your doctor may use stitches to attach the skin on your shaft if they are using a clamp or excision method. Once the stitches dissolve or are removed, you may be left with minor scars along your surgical incision. These are called stitch marks or suture scars.


Keloids are abnormal growth of scar tissue that sometimes develops in response to wounds or medical procedures. Keloids are raised above the skin’s surface and are bigger than the actual wound.


Scars can change your skin tone a different color. The color should even out over time, but it may never match the surrounding skin exactly.


Can circumcision scars go away?

Circumcision scars can fade over time, but they will always be visible.

Why is my circumcision scar sensitive?

Sensitivity is common after circumcision due to the exposed nerve endings.

Why is my circumcision scar brown?

The brown discoloration is often caused by oxidation of the blood vessels in the scar.

Does my circumcision scar hurt?

Circumcision scars can often be quite sensitive for some time after the surgery. However, with proper care, the spot should heal without any problems.

Who circumcises babies?

Circumcision of babies is a standard procedure in many parts of the world performed by a qualified doctor.

Who circumcised Christ?

Christ was circumcised according to Jewish custom. There is no evidence that Jesus himself requested or approved this procedure.

Which circumcision method is least painful?

The least painful circumcision method is usually the clamp and cut method. This is where a clamp is applied to the foreskin and then cut off, leaving a minor wound.

Is circumcision sunnah?

Yes, circumcision is sunnah.

To Summarize

Though it may take some time, there are a few things you can do to help lessen the appearance of your circumcision scar.

Be patient and consistent with whatever treatment plan you decide, whether using a topical ointment or massaging the area. With time and care, your circumcision scar will fade into the background and become another part of your story.


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