Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe

Try this ‘Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe’ by Chef Ranveer Brar!
180 gm Butter
180 gm Sugar
2 tbsp Tutti fruiti
1 tsp Vanilla essence
180 gm Flour
4 Eggs
¼ cup Almonds, chopped
¼ cup walnuts chopped
¼ cup Tutti fruiti


In a mixing bowl, add butter, sugar, tutti fruiti and mix well till the butter change the colour.

Add vanilla essence, flour and mix well, add egg and mix well.

Add almonds, walnuts, tutti fruiti mix well by cut and fold method.

Grease the mould with butter and place butter papper.

Pour the batter into the mould and bake it at 165 to 170 for 40 minutes.

Dust icing sugar over the cake. Let cool a bit. Cut and serve.

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