Chris Hemsworth Reveals His ‘Little Side Hustle’ As A Pet Detective With Son

Chris Hemsworth has successfully added another feather to his multi-faceted cap; pet detective! In his latest Instagram post, the Thor: Love and Thunder star’s quirky ‘family man’ wit continued to charm his almost 50 million followers. This time, joining the 37-year-old actor was his son, either twin Sasha or Tristan, 7.

“A little side hustle I got goin, pet detective,” Chris shares a fun snap of himself seated and looking the part in a khaki shirt and a pair of grey shorts along with a cream coloured cap. Hemsworth is seen holding on to many animals like a baby alligator, two parrots and more. Holding on to his doting dad by hugging his neck from behind is either Sasha or Tristan, sporting an olive green bomber jacket. “Just returned these animals to its rightful owner. My son. He’s trying to repay with love. I’d prefer cash,” Chris quipped showing off his patented ‘parent’ humour.

While Isla Fisher was amongst the many who hit a like on Chris’ IG post, MCU fan @latae_c0splay couldn’t help but quip, “Is that Loki on your arm?” The comment references Alligator Loki, a fan-favourite variant of the God of Mischief, from Tom Hiddleston’s popular Disney+ series, Loki.

Like we needed another reason to adore Chris!

Last week, Chris and wife Elsa Pataky had “designed the ultimate family workout” for their daughter India Hemsworth, taking her skateboarding and horseback riding, where “all you need is a child, a skateboard, a horse and a Can-Do attitude.”

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