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The University of Michigan is a public research university in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It started in Detroit in 1817 as a primary school before relocating to its current location in 1837. In 1841, it started providing postsecondary education, and through time, it became one of the top research universities in the world. In 1956 (Flint) and 1959, branch campuses were established (Dearborn).

The University of Michigan benefited from prior federal land grants in 1826 and 1836, even though it was not a land-grant university in the traditional sense of the term due to the Morrill Act of 1862.

Under the tenacious leadership of Henry P. Tappan (1852–1863), who embraced European academic models—particularly German ones—and promoted teacher education, and James Burrill Angell (1871–1909), Michigan rose to prominence in the expansion of higher education. The first medical school in America to open its clinic and the first institution to provide an American history course. It was one of the first universities to admit women and African Americans (1870). (1868). Angell successfully reorganized the university to include all leading professional schools and a graduate school. Additionally, he expanded the curriculum to include elective courses for pupils.

MU has a very rich academic heritage


The university is divided into schools and colleges for business, dentistry, education, engineering, graduate studies, information technology, kinesiology, law, literary works, science, and the arts, medicine, music, theatre, and dance, natural resources and environment, nursing, pharmacy, public health, public policy, and social work.

The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library, a hospital complex, a radio station, the Biomechanical Research Laboratory, wave pools and propeller tubes for marine design studies, Great Lakes research ships, and research aircraft are just a few of the unique facilities and programs available. The institution also runs astronomical research observatories in Michigan, Arizona, and Chile, as well as several museums.

The Ross Bachelor of Business Administration at UMich is among the most esteemed undergraduate programs (BBA). CollegeVine ranks the Ross School of Business as the nation’s tenth-best undergraduate business school. The median base salary for graduates in 2020 was $85,000, significantly higher than the $57,657 median entry salary for a business major. In addition, 94 percent of Ross graduates received a job offer after graduation.

Ross’s BBA program has a 12.2 percent approval rate for incoming first-year students, making it challenging to get accepted. Preferred Admission allows for the enrollment of about 80% of the BBA class as high school seniors, while the remaining 15% are transferred from another University of Michigan institution or college.

Every year students get Degrees and start their journey towards excellence

Student Life:

Thirty-one thousand three hundred twenty-nine undergraduate students are enrolled at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor overall (fall 2020), with a 50/50 gender split between male and female students. 79% of students at this university live off campus, while 21% reside in housing owned, operated, or linked with the school. The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor participates in the NCAA I sports.

You can use Student Life to find your specialty on campus, make friends within or outside of your residence hall, group, or academic program, get associated with student organizations, take advantage of leadership opportunities, apply for campus jobs, and select the housing, dining, and living options that are best for you.


UMich’s athletics may be the only thing more famous than its academics. One of the most well-known college sports teams in the world in Michigan, the Wolverines’ maize-and-blue gear is best characterized as iconic. One of the most fantastic sporting events occurs when the entire crowd of more than 100,000 spectators at the Wolverines’ home stadium, the “Big House,” chants “Hail to the Victors.”

The hatred University of Michigan alumni and students have for their rival, Ohio State, coincides with their affection for athletic teams. The University of Michigan vs. Ohio State game, played for the first time in 1897, is regarded by many as the greatest rivalry in college football. During a week leading up to a game, you don’t want to be seen on campus sporting Ohio State’s red and grey colors.

Students experience a very exciting academic as well as extracurricular activities in Campus

The focus is on football, but Michigan has also achieved great success besides the Big House. Its women’s softball team made history in 2005 by becoming the first team east of the Mississippi to win a championship. Its “Fab Five” basketball team from the 1990s is still one of the most recognizable co-curricular basketball teams of all time. The men’s hockey team has won seven major titles.

There are numerous activities available for undergraduates at the University of Michigan outside of the school and sports. Over 1,600 student-run clubs and organizations at the school cater to the interests and identities of all students.


Although it is not necessary, 97 percent of first-year students at the University of Michigan choose to live on campus. UMich provides living alternatives in both Learning Communities and Theme Communities in addition to traditional dorm and resident hall accommodations.

Shared by various are made up of instructors and students who are attracted together by similar objectives and passions.

University has a huge campus and residential learning is ranked very high

Financial Help:

For in-state students exclusively, UMich uses need-blind admissions and will fully accommodate any verified financial need. But for out-of-state students, finances do factor into an entry. Due to financial aid, one in four in-state students does not pay university tuition. Additionally, there are numerous merit-based scholarships available to both international and domestic students.

One of the best values in higher education is the University of Michigan. On Forbes’ list of the best value colleges in America in 2019, it reached number 60. The University of Michigan is ranked 81st out of 2,006 colleges by the website PayScale for value.

Why the University of Michigan?

Due to its long history, illustrious reputation, and size, the University of Michigan has developed a reputation for various things, including academics, athletics, extracurricular activities, and more.

Enlisting in one of our 50 graduate degree programs gives you access to countless chances to broaden your knowledge base, hone your leadership skills, and enhance your career. Additionally, you’ll become a part of a solid global network of academic and industrial connections made up of nearly 630,000 Michigan alumni.

The Michigan Wolverines are one of the most renowned athletic programs in the nation, and UMich consistently ranks among the top 30 national institutions. Even Michigan’s geographic position is exceptional; it frequently ranks among the most outstanding college cities in the nation.


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