Chinese senior official mocks Washington, shares video of Taliban using US military plane as toy

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lijian Zhao in a bid to mock the ‘chaotic’ US withdrawal from Afghanistan, recently shared a video of what appears to be members of the Taliban playing with an abandoned US military plane.

Beijing [China] September 12 : As per the purported video, several men could be seen transforming the US plane into a toy. They were shouting and enjoying while playing with it. “The graveyard of EMPIRES and their WAR MACHINES. Talibans have turned their planes into swings and toys..,” Zhao tweeted alongside the video.
After the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, China has been continuously trying to take a jibe at Washington for their hasty pullout, despite experts claim of Beijing supporting the Taliban’s rise in Kabul.
Whether it’s about violation of human rights or freedom of expression, the Taliban and China stand on the same platform as the former is way radical and conservative while the latter, despite having a long history of development, the communist regime still treats its people as a slave, DW reported citing media reports.
Before the fall of Kabul, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met formally in Tianjin with a nine-member Taliban delegation, including Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the hardline Muslim group’s co-founder and deputy leader.
The meeting itself was not a surprise – for the Taliban has been in China previously for meetings – but the way China publicized it was. Indeed, Wang publicly acknowledged the Taliban as “a crucial military and political force in Afghanistan that is expected to play an important role in the peace, reconciliation and reconstruction process of the country”.
Such a Chinese affirmation was unprecedented, giving the Taliban much-needed legitimacy on the international stage and many countries still define the Taliban as a terrorist organization.

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