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Chinese cyberattack on Telangana power grid foiled

The Computer Emergency Response Team of India has observed a hacking attempt made by a China-based group in order to break-up the power systems in Telangana’s TS Transco and TS Genco. TS Transco and TS Genco are the power utilities in Telangana.

The hackers are trying to steal the data and break-up the power supply system. The suspected IP addresses have been blocked and by the GENCO. The user credentials have been changed.

“China-based threat actor group command and control servers were trying to communicate with systems belonging to Telangana SLDC (State Load Dispatch Centre). We have directed the state power utilities to take all protection and safety measures,” said Telangana Transco and Genco chairman and managing director D Prabhakar Rao.

Sources from the state power department have confidence in Chinese agents trying to steal data and disrupt power supply in the state. “Forty sub-stations operated by SDLC were under the radar, but timely warning from the CERT-IN helped us to thwart Chinese malware from corrupting our systems,” they said.

The cyberattack attempt made by a China-based group came into significance after the US newspaper reported the blackout in 2020 in Mumbai due to a China-based cyberattack.

According to the reports, a US-based company works on the use of the internet by the state actors for cyber activities, NTPC limited. The management of the national power grid in five primary load dispatch centers helps in balancing the electricity demand and supply. The two ports among them were recently attacked.

The clashes between India and China troops started along the Actual Line of Control (LAC) in 2020. Thereafter, there was a sudden “steep rise” in the use of a particular software by the Chinese Organisation “to target a large swathe of India’s power supply sector.”

The report talked about a massive power outage in Mumbai on October 13,2020 caused by the insertion of Malware at a state road dispatch centre in Padgha. Maharashtra power minister Nitin Raut said that the authorities suspected the power outrage at a massive level.

The power outage caused the closure of the stock exchange and the trains were all cancelled and the offices in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai were shut down.

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