China’s Huawei spying in Pakistan, says report

Islamabad [Pakistan], August 14 : China’s tech giant Huawei has been spying on Pakistanis and has accessed the country’s sensitive data for national security, a media report said on Friday.
Huawei stole trade secrets and spied on Pakistanis by a US-based software company Business Efficiency Solutions LLC, South Asia Press said. Business Efficiency Solutions made software that collected sensitive information for the use of the Pakistani government. After the completion, Huawei asked the company to send the sensitive information to its lab in China for a trial run.
The software company claims that since then Beijing has not returned the information and the software tools, through which it has received backdoor access to Pakistan’s sensitive data, crucial for national security, South Asia Press added.
Last week, China had hacked multiple public and private sector groups of Israel in an attempt to gain business interests.
The Chinese have been conducting similar cyberattacks in Iran, Saudi Arabia and other countries.
Cybersecurity firm FireEye had said that Beijing used its cyber tools to spy on a wide array of Middle Eastern countries, which are often at odds with each other, while all do business with China

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