China chides US, Canada for sending warships through Taiwan Strait

Beijing [China]: Chinese military condemned the United States and Canada for sending warships through the Taiwan Strait last week and said that the two countries’ provocative actions have seriously jeopardised the peace and stability across the waterways.
The Taiwan Strait is a 180-kilometre-wide strait separating the island of Taiwan and continental Asia. It is one of the most heavily policed strips of water in the world, patrolled by both Chinese and Taiwanese navy and coastguard vessels. The US Navy destroyer USS Dewey (DDG-105) and the Royal Canadian Navy frigate HMCS Winnipeg sailed through the Taiwan Strait on October 15.
In a statement, a spokesperson of the Chinese PLA Eastern Theater Command said that the Eastern Theater Command of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) sent its naval and air forces to track and monitor the two warships in the whole course.
“Taiwan is a part of China. Troops of the PLA Eastern Theater Command are staying on high alert at all times, and ready to resolutely counter all threats and provocations,” Senior Colonel Shi Yi stressed.
Tensions in the Taiwan Strait are escalating. This focus on the strait comes after China ramped up political pressure and military threats against Taiwan, with almost daily incursions into Taipei’s air defence identification zone.

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