‘Chhatrapati Tararani’ Becomes First-Ever Marathi Hollywood Film

Marathi cinema’s ‘Apsara’ Sonalee Kulkarni is all set to star in another historical based on the life of Maratha queen Tarabai. Now, the filmmakers Akshay Bardapurkar’s Planet Marathi and Piiyush Singh’s Golden Ratio Films bring UK’s biggest Independent film studio onboard.

Never before in the history of Marathi films, the industry has witnessed such a phenomenon. Black Hangar Studios is the name behind many Hollywood productions like ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’, ‘Dark Tide’, ‘The Grand Tour’ and many more.

The film will be titled ‘Moghul Mardini Chhatrapati Tararani’ and is based on one of the greatest epics of valor of the warrior queen Chhatrapati Tararani who fought with the Mughals, Nizamshahi, Aadilshahi, Qutubshahi, Dutch, British, Portuguese, Siddis at the same time!

While speaking about the same, Planet Marathi CMD, Akshay Bardapurkar said, “Chhatrapati Tararani is going to be a golden page in the history of Marathi cinema. Planet Marathi and Golden Ratio are proud to take the story of the Maratha warrior queen ‘Chhatrapati Tararani’ to the world.

“This will be the first and one of the biggest Marathi-Hollywood films to go on floors with an international film studio. It is too soon to reveal more details about the film but we have a talented blend of filmmakers, musicians, and artists that are working hard to bring this beautiful presentation to our Marathi audiences. I strongly believe this film has the potential to take Marathi cinema at a newer height.” Akshay added.

Black Hangar Studios and ORWO Studios is excited to be a part of an Indian regional film that narrates the historical epic. Jake Seal, CEO said, “After working with the Indian Sci-fi genre we are excited to create the experience for a historical period drama. The story itself moves us and with the promise that Planet Marathi brings in filmmaking we are thrilled to see where this journey leads us. We aim to make films more engaging for global audiences irrespective of the language and medium and we are committed to making the story come alive.”

Piiyush Singh, Cofounder, Golden Ratio Films said, “We are excited for the first ever Marathi Hollywood historical film which will definitely be the most awaited one for 2022. The title itself comes with huge responsibility to us and the entire team is working to bring out the best for the viewers.”

This mega-blockbuster, one-of-a-kind, film will be produced in both Marathi and English. Chhatrapati Tararani will create history yet again, this time as a first-ever Marathi Hollywood film. The makers are planning a Diwali 2022 release in India and overseas for this mammoth project.

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