Chennai Customs seizes over 400 year-old Nritya Ganapati idol

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India]: Chennai Air Cargo Customs on Wednesday seized a large brass Nritya Ganapati idol, which was meant to be smuggled out from a house located in Tamil Nadu’s Kanchipuram.
The seizure was done based on intelligence gathered during the examination of an export consignment. Incidentally, the idol is also the largest Idol seized by Chennai Customs so far. The seized idol weighs 130 Kgs and is 5.25 feet tall
The seized idol is not registered with the Archaeological Survey of India under the Antiquities and Art Treasures Act. The idol shows fine details and is warped fully adhering to puranic mythological traditions based on ancient shilpashastra techniques. Marks of wear and tear are found on the idol Indicating its usage for a long time.
During the investigation, it was found that the idol was sent by the exporter from Chennai to Kanchipuram for getting it treated as per the requirement of the client to facilitate smuggling. Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) experts who have examined the idol stated that the idol is more than 400 years old and is datable to the Vijayanagara-Nayak period based on the iconographic details, said the Office of the Chief Commissioner of Customs, Chennai Customs Zone in a press statement.
Further investigation is underway.
Nritya Ganapati is regarded as the 15th among the 32 different forms of Ganapati. Worshipping this form of Ganapati is believed to give proficiency and success for all those who seek to excel in dance and fine arts. This form of Ganapati is seen mainly in stone sculptures and paintings and the metallic form of Nritya Ganapati of this size is considered rare. The two pair of holes in the peedam makes the idol ideal for temple Utsava ceremonies where the delty appears to the devotees outside the temple.

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