Check Out Mahabharat Actor Anoop Singh Thakur Weight Loss Journey

Actor Anoop Singh Thakur, who rose to fame playing Dhritarashtra in the TV serial Mahabharat, took to Instagram and shared a recent picture showing off his chiseled physique. But his lean physique is a result of hard work, dedication, and the vigor to reach a certain fitness goal. He further shared that his weight loss journey — of losing 15 kilos in six months — has been fulfilling.

Sharing before and after images, the 32-year-old mentioned how he decided to take his “physique to the next level”.

“Took the left side picture on purpose six months ago in my full glory of fatness with a motto that I’ll take the physique to the next level. Decided to re-create every damn picture today to give you the motivation you may need in your journey, that you understand that with consistency, daily efforts, discipline, and willpower, it is possible to achieve a naturally fit and aesthetic physique,” he said.

In the pictures taken six months apart, he is seen wearing the same pair of trousers and striking a similar pose. “Same pose, same trouser, same place but different attitude. The power of the mind,” Thakur, who won a gold medal in a bodybuilding contest in Bangkok, Thailand in 2015, captioned the post.

The actor who gained a lot of weight during the shoot of Mahabharat decided to get back in shape.

His Instagram page has been full of videos where he can be seen sweating it out in the gym.

Experts point out that one can incorporate small tweaks to avoid boredom and to jazz up your weight loss efforts.

What do you think of his fitness routine?

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