Check Out Karishma Tanna’s Midweek Fitness Routine: Video

Karishma Tanna is an absolute fitness enthusiast. The actor celebrated the New Year in style and is back to the grind now.

Karishma, on Thursday, shared a quick compilation video on her Instagram profile, and it’s miles making us look too terrible. The actor kickstarted the midweek fitness routine with a lift. Karishma started her morning recurring by acing a handstand together with her legs in opposition to the wall; however, with a twist – she can be visible balancing her frame on a gym ball. Then she can be seen performing various workout routines that aren’t for the faint-hearted. Inside the later part of the video, Karishma may be visible acing pull-ups, but all of the while being in a particular function, with her legs stretched outwards. She can also be visible strolling on a treadmill backward by harnessing her frame with the help of two health club bars.

With the video, Karishma shared her fitness mantra for this yr – “Growth and comfort do now not co-exist. Push yourself every day.”

The routine executed by Karishma in the video comes with multiple health advantages. Handstand facilitates concentration on the shoulders, fingers, core muscle mass, and returned muscle mass. It additionally helps in boosting circulation and lymph float. Pullups, however, help enhance grip strength and the frame’s health stage f the frame. It additionally helps in strengthening the back and shoulder muscle mass. Walking on the treadmill facilitates building muscle tissues and lowering the chance of chronic illnesses. It additionally helps in boosting temper and alleviating pressure.

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