Chandrayaan models displayed

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India]: The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) organised an exhibition for school students in Chennai on Monday.
ISRO displayed miniature models of Chandrayaan and Mangalyaan among their other works. The expo was set inside a bus that was laced with LED screens. Students from Classes 9 to 12 from different schools participated in the exhibition. ISRO officials explained how a satelite is launched and is useful for the country’s welfare.

“It was very helpful for our studies. We were explained about the launch of Chandrayan I and II. The initiative of bringing the expo in a bus was very nice. We learnt so much,” a student Taslima told ANI.
Another student Kerena Sherin said, “We were very eager to see this expo. It was like a practical session that we can relate to the theories in our books. It inculcated an interest in space science among us.”

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