Chakravarthy Chandrachud To Direct ‘Bheemi’

Filmmaker and screenwriter Chakravarthy Chandrachud will soon embark on a really curious mission that comes in the form of a film. The former Bigg Boss contestant will be directing ‘Bheemi’, a film centered around a rather intriguing premise of a village/community that does not allow men to enter. Having chanced upon such villages during his recent expeditions, Chakravarthy Chandrachud decided on using their peculiar traditions and culture to conceive a dark crime-comedy.

“It was during one of my trips with revered water conversationist Mr. Rajendra Singh when I came across a few villages in Rajasthan that are occupied only by women and no men – human or animal – are allowed to enter. And if any man were to try and get in, he will be killed without a thought. The genesis of their culture and tradition dates back to the Mahabharatha and I was so intrigued by the setup that I started to dig in more. There are a few such villages in Assam too and there was one in Karnataka too, near Bellary, but things were normalized there about 10 years ago,” shares the ‘Madhyanthara’ actor.

‘Bheemi’ will have elements of the crime and dark-comedy genres featuring prominently with Sridhar Ram, a well-known theatre actor, playing the lead in the film (his film debut). “The story mainly revolves around the village and how the protagonist, who happens to be male, lands up in the village. This triggers the crime and dark-comedy elements and we have about seven important characters throughout the story. We have already approached actors Radhika Narayan and Nataraj (of ‘Rama Rama Re’ fame) to play key roles in the film and they both have loved the idea and the script. I play a key role too in the film,” adds Mr. Chakravarthy who is all set to take the film on floors by the end of September.

‘Bheemi’ is being produced by Babu Reddy and debutant cinematographer Paramesh will lend his services on this occasion. Veer Samarth has been roped in to score the film’s music. The first-look poster of the film was recently unveiled by Kiccha Sudeep.

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