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Celeb Beauty Brands In 2021 That You Need To Lookout For

The hype for celebrity beauty brands is certainly something you can’t ignore. Sure, there are tons of other beauty stalwarts who deliver options that are to die for, but if you are curious about products launched by some of the most beautiful celebs themselves, we can’t blame you. Here’s a glimpse at celebrity beauty lines that are available in India and those that we wish would enter the Indian market too. 

Kay Beauty

When Bollywood beauty Katrina Kaif kickstarted her makeup line, everyone was super stoked to find out what the star prefers! Turns out, Kaif’s range of products featured formulations that actually care for your skin. What’s more, all the products are affordable! This was much needed as many women long to have safe makeup choices that allow comfortable wear without breaking the bank. From nourishing nail polishes to highlighters with skin-loving ingredients, this is one celebrity line that cares for the consumer.

Rare Beauty

Mental health is personal for me. Figuring out how to manage my own mental health hasn’t always been easy, but it’s something I am constantly working on and I hope I can help others work on, too,” is what Selena Gomez quoted on the official Rare Beauty website. As her brand campaigns to spread mental health awareness and start conversations to help people going through it, this pop star is not only using her fame and fortune to put forth makeup products that she loves and is able to wear but also to help build a community that cares.

Flower Beauty
Drew Barrymore’s makeup line is focused on bringing high-quality products at an affordable price because it is everyone’s right to enjoy makeup that allows them to be themselves. In an interview, the Hollywood star said that she’d rather have smile lines on her visage and crow’s feet around her eyes because it is an indicator that you have lived a happy life and have laughed a lot. Moreover, she believes a good lip is super alluring, and, therefore, her lip products are highly focused on formulas that do not allow for cracked lipstick or chipping pigment.

Fenty Skin
When Rihanna dropped the video teaser for Fenty Skin, she made it pretty clear that this range of beauty was not only just for the ladies, but for the men too. That is a huge step in gender-inclusive beauty campaigns with such a fresh approach. The star also revealed the reason behind launching a simple yet effective skincare line is that, as a teenager, she too was overwhelmed with all of the options and had once tried a product that literally discolored her skin. That made her back off from skincare products altogether and prevented her from trying anything else for a long time. The attempt at “beauty for all” is well emphasized in this celebrity launch. 

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