Bulgaria: From today, a green certificate will be issued to those who had COVID-19

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Sofia [Bulgaria] : From today, a green certificate will be issued to people with antibodies after suffering from Covid. Laboratories expect increased interest in the tests, but there are fears that the reagents will not be enough.
The green certificate for antibodies will be valid only within the country for a period of 90 days. In order to get it, the test subject must have antibodies after Covid in a certain value – over 150 BAU, explained Nedyalko Kalachev – the owner of laboratories: “We send the information to the NHIS (National Healcertificate, antibodies, covid, bulgariath Information System), where they generate the patient’s certificate, we take it figuratively speaking and send the patient an SMS to which he has a link to download this certificate on his phone or computer. However, if it is less than 150 (balounits) there will simply be no certificate.”
The state company “Information Services” has provided an opportunity to issue a certificate for the presence of antibodies against coronavirus.
The certificate can be downloaded from the Internet portal of the National Health Information System at www.his.bg. Citizens must enter their PIN, ID card number and National reference number of the result, which will be obtained by the laboratory that conducted the study.
The Information Service emphasizes that the antibody test must be done after November 11 by a laboratory that has been successfully integrated with the National Health Information System.
According to Kalachev, in the coming days, and probably weeks, a huge influx of people willing to be tested is expected, along with those who are currently ill:
“We are still overworked and there are enough samples and patients who are associated with sick people.”
This could lead to a temporary shortage of reagents used in sample processing, he added.

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