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Brie Larson One Arm Pull Up Is Setting Major Fitness Goal

On-screen, she packs many punches while fighting villains. And off-screen Brie Larson continues her badassery. The actor, who keeps posting fitness videos of herself on her social media accounts, shared another one, in which she was pushing herself to the maximum, setting some major fitness goals.

The Captain Marvel star is believed to be training for the Captain Marvel sequel movie, and posted a video in which was seen doing a one-arm pull-up. Take a look.

In the caption, the 31-year-old wrote: “Umm *hi* don’t mind me achieving my one-arm pull-up goal!” The video alluded that it is no easy feat to get into the skin of a character, especially if it is that of Carol Danvers, who is responsible for the protection of many worlds.

Coming back to the video, the actor was seen being prompted by someone who shot the video — ostensibly her trainer. She took a moment before she reached for the bar, and instead of using both her arms to pull herself up, she used her right hand, while with her left, she held onto her right wrist, going all the way up not once, but thrice, before doing a happy dance at having accomplished the task.

It starts with the secondary arm holding on to the primary arm which pulls the bodyweight on the bar. For beginners, the secondary arm is usually closer to the wrist, and as you get trained and begin to make progress, you can try moving your secondary arm farther from the wrist and closer to the elbow.

It will, of course, make the difficulty level go up, but with consistency, you will soon realise that you will not need a secondary arm at all while making the pull.

What do you think of this workout routine?

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