Boney Kapoor Reacts To Mahesh Babu’s Statement ‘Bollywood Can’t Afford Me’

Seems like Bollywood filmmakers have taken Mahesh’s Bollywood statement’s seriously, just 24 hrs back Bollywood filmmaker Mukesh Bhatt reacted to Mahesh’s statement, and now another senior Bollywood producer Boney Kapoor has reportedly reacted to Mahesh Babu’s statements on Bollywood that attracted a lot of backfires.

Boney Kapoor reportedly said that everyone is entitled to say whatever they feel, but he can’t comment on one particular industry because he belongs to both sides, Bollywood and South. He has to remember that he has done films in both Tamil and Telugu and will also do films in Malayalam and Kannada soon. Therefore, he may not be the right person to comment on this.
Also, he admitted that Mahesh has the right to say whatever he feels as he might feel that the Hindi film industry may not be able to afford him and he may have his reasons for saying this. Boney reportedly said that he’ll be the last person to comment on this and If Mahesh feels that way, it is good for him.
Boney Kapoor started his career with a South remake. ‘Hum Paanch’ was a remake of the Kannada/Telugu film ‘Paduvaaralli Pandavaru’, then he made ‘Woh Saath Din’ with Anil Kapoor, which is again a south remake of the 1981 Tamil film ‘Andha 7 Naatkal’.

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